07 March 2023

Y12 Conference - Exploring post A Level options

Y12 Conference - Exploring post A Level options

Possible routes to become a solicitor, a day in the life of an Oxford University student, and degree apprenticeships were some of the topics of the annual Y12 conference that took place on Wednesday 1st March, at Sherfield School, Hampshire. 

This event is such a great opportunity for the Sixth Formers of all Bellevue Schools to think more deeply about their future, and especially consider new routes and careers, some of which they are probably not often exposed to.

After completing an A Level course, starting University is a very common choice. However, the academic route is not the only option, even for those who would like a career in law.

The first group of speakers of the Y12 conference, who came from a Law Firm in Hampshire, Lamb Brooks, focused on different paths available after College. In fact, there are a few apprenticeships and courses aimed at becoming a solicitor, which are open to Sixth Formers after completing their A levels. 

The more traditional paths, such as a degree in law, were also explored.

The topic of alternative routes to University was quite popular during “Future Week” last year as well, where some of our EIC Sixth Formers confessed they learned about various new possibilities they had never considered before. 

However, to those who are sure about continuing on the academic path, the second speaker of the conference, Imogen Usherwood, was probably of great inspiration. 

Imogen was a sixth form student at Sherfield and is now completing a Master’s Degree at Oxford University. Her speech was terrifically informative and inspiring. 

After an outline of all different types of degrees and courses, she focused on “What I wish I had known before applying to University”. 

Differences in numbers, class types, timetables, extra curricular activities, and deadlines, were all mentioned when presenting how life changes when accessing University. 

Finally, the afternoon was filled with further information about degree apprenticeships and career tips - the students were joined by Ashley Horshord from J.P. Morgan and Dylan Hoiles from Deloitte.

Some of the EIC sixth formers who joined the conference shared their positive thoughts:

It’s always useful to learn about what options are available to us. 

I would like to study marketing but, after today, I also know that if I wanted to change my career path in the future there would be many ways of doing that. (Louie)

During the conference about a career in law they guided us through a crime debate in groups that was really interesting. (Aayaan)

It was an incredible source of pride to see our Y12s asking some questions at the end, working in groups, sharing and presenting their thoughts, and getting to know the other sixth formers from Sherfield and Farlington.

Many thanks to Sherfield School for hosting us, and Bellevue group for always giving our students a chance to grow. 

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