Teaching and learning

Our staff work quickly to identify the strengths and weaknesses of every student in the College. This informs our planning, resourcing and delivery of lessons so that it is focused completely on student development and progress.

Staff at the College follow the principle of C.O.D.E when planning, resourcing and delivering lessons at the College - a method based around student learning as the emphasis for the lesson, as opposed to a didactic teacher approach.


  • High expectations are established regarding learning attitudes and habits
  • Expected standards are modelled clearly
  • Learning is enhanced through collaboration, debate, reasoning and well-directed teacher resources


  • Students are encouraged to access their work independently
  • They set their own expectations, commenting on work critically and constructively
  • They are guided to improve their problem-solving skills, critical for excelling in linear exams


  • High order, open questioning is used in lessons to provoke high order thinking
  • Marking and feedback identifies weaknesses and scaffolds students towards overcoming these issues
  • Time is given in order to reflect on and respond to feedback


  • Students clearly understand what they have to do in every lesson, and how to excel within the tasks set
  • A productive environment is provided, where students enjoy their learning and thrive within it
  • Lessons are active and stimulating, and students are encouraged to develop a positive approach to their learning.

Extended articles which further explain our approach are available below. 

Teaching and Learning

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