What is 'The Resource Hub'?

Welcome to Ealing Independent College and thank you for considering our small college, ideally located in one of the nicest parts of West London in the heart of Ealing.

Our response to Covid-19

In March 2020, following on from the government closures of school, not only had everyone’s life changed significantly but the College and all our staff faced a challenge which required an immediate shift in priorities for the rest of the academic year. It was clear that the response to this was both immediate and positive. Students felt constantly encouraged by our staff and more importantly, they did not feel as though they were falling behind. It is because of this that there is no doubt that our transition to our online learning was a success.

Although a new year has unfortunately brought another lockdown for schools, we are confident in our ability to continue supporting our students and providing them with all the resources and extra support that they need to succeed. A second lockdown has also inspired us to extend this support to our local community and The Resource Hub is available to all students who may have not had a positive experience of learning up to this point, or those who simply feel they could do with a little bit more of a hand.

Here at Ealing Independent College we want to make sure that we are helping students in our local community and beyond.

“I hope that when the Hub is launched it fulfils a modicum of support in the challenging times we are going through.”

 As a College, we have a demonstrated history of supporting pupils as in enabling grade enhancement and through our expertise we want to ensure that no student ever feels as though they are not reaching their true potential. While we have this expertise, and as we are highly confident in our approach to supporting every individual that we teach, we believe it makes sense for us to be transparent with any support we can offer. We also have a duty to help students where we can and this is what we hope to achieve with this online resource. 

It is the resources we provide to our own students, coupled with the small class sizes and extensive support both in lessons and pastorally around the general College that we believe really shapes the learning environment for every one of our students. In sharing these resources, we want to provide prospective students with an initial insight into our teaching styles, content and approach. 

As part of our hub, you will be able to find detailed information in regards to course content both for the GCSE and A level courses that we are offering. We have also created a separate section for mental wellbeing, intended to offer advice for both students and parents which will include content on how to deal with stress, looking at inner dialogue and tips on how to remain motivated. 

Consistently high performance in adding value for students

On 24 January 2019 the Department of Education published the A-Level performance of schools across England. Ealing Independent College is proud to announce that it remains amongst the top in the country in securing academic progress for its students. With a Progress Score of +0.5 this positions the College amongst the top 5% of schools and colleges in the country in helping students improve their grades.

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