GCSE Courses

Students aged 13 to 15 (Year 9 to 11) join the GCSE programme at the College. The programme provides excellent preparation for gaining an A level qualification, and is personalised for each student to suit individual strengths and interests.


Whilst the GCSE qualification is gained through the successful completion of Year 10 and 11, we do advise students to join in Year 9 for the Pre-GCSE year to prepare fully for their GCSE studies at the College. This is particularly advisable for international students who will also be able to work on their English language level and get used to their new life in London.

One year intensive

At Ealing Independent College, we excel at helping students who have underachieved in their GCSE courses, who would like to retake subjects, secure the academic results they require to continue on to a successful A level qualification at the College. Students usually study five subjects on this demanding programme.

Wide range of subjects

Students can choose from a wide range of subjects, which ensures a good breadth of disciplines within the programme. Each student’s programme will consist of at least eight GCSE subjects, and all students are encouraged to follow a programme leading to the English Baccalaureate.

To learn more about the GCSE subjects we offer at the College, please view the section below. 

Retaking GCSEs at EIC

If you are considering retaking your GCSEs, Ealing Independent College is the place to start your journey towards GCSE success. Our college has a proven track record of helping students to achieve their full potential. Our small classes, supportive environment and dedicated teachers will help you to get the results you want.

If you want to sign up for the intensive retake GCSE course, then click here.

Interested in an A Level programme of study?

Discover more about the range of A Level subjects that we offer at the College.

A Level subjects