17 June 2024

Your Options This September

Your Options This September for GCSE and A Level Resits

As we conclude the exams period, we want to congratulate all those who have completed their GCSE and A Levels exams. A student's next step in education always involves a great deal of stress as they strive to achieve their best grades. 


In anticipation of exam results day, 15th August for A Levels and 22nd August for GCSEs, we want to assure students that no matter their results, there is always hope for the future. Many may be thinking, what happens if I fail my GCSEs or what happens if I fail my A Levels? As we approach results day, we're pleased to say that our specialist teachers and support staff are willing to go the extra mile to help ease stress for all of our students.


Receiving Your Grades

Our goal is to help you navigate this challenging time, regardless of whether it's a happy or unhappy results day. If you are already a student at Ealing Independent College, our supportive teachers and leadership team are available for one to one conversations on results day. Making sure you and your academic journey are on the right track. If you are not currently enrolled at Ealing Independent College, but would like to improve your grades, you can schedule a one-on-one meeting with our Principal, Allan Cairns, who will assess your current grades and determine whether Ealing Independent College is right for you. 

If you are having trouble with your grades, it is very important to talk to your friends, teachers, tutors, and family members. Discussing where you plan to study next, your grades requirements, or your career path with someone you know is helpful. 

A thorough assessment of your situation is essential before making any bold decisions. Depending on what you need, you may need to retake all your exams or just one or two. Keep in mind that this is your decision. 


Retaking Your GCSE and A Level Exams

A wide range of subjects are available at Ealing Independent College if you decide to retake GCSE or A Level exams. Depending on your needs, you can also enroll in our Intensive 1 year course. Aside from retakes, you can join us Pre GCSEs in Year 9 and Year 12 for A Levels.

With the additional assistance provided through small class teaching, assessments, and monitoring, you are likely to naturally improve your performance the second time around. In addition to a learning experience that emphasises student leadership and responsibility, students who have pursued this path at Ealing Independent College view it as the best preparation for university courses and further education. 

Our classes and practicals are held at our Ealing Broadway college. GCSE and A Level examinations are also carried out on site. 

Our college also welcomes private candidates who will only take their exams here. You can learn more about our external candidate program here.


Why Ealing Independent College

Over the years, we have helped and supported many students, with a high percentage of those students getting into their top universities. As a college, we're proud to watch our students succeed. Check out the current offers for those heading off to university this September.

In particular, Sebastian, who decided to retake his A Levels after initially achieving grades of DDE at a local state school. Through determination and hard work, he remarkably improved his grades to AAA in just two years, earning him a well-deserved place at Bristol University to study Zoology before specialising in Molecular Biology. A fantastic result!


Recently, we passed our latest ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) Inspection, gaining comments such as;

Leaders know and understand pupils’ relative strengths and areas of challenge. They gather and employ data effectively, and consider success in relation to a number of different metrics based on the needs of individual pupils. Many pupils achieve well academically, including those who have SEND and those with lower prior attainment. Pupils go on to achieve places at a range of establishments, including highly selective universities.




Monthly reporting provides pupils and parents with information on pupils’ progress and attainment, including detailed feedback so that pupils understand how to improve their work. Leaders use data effectively to inform their decisions on amendments to the curriculum and individual plans for pupils.

View the full report here 


Admissions Process

View our four step admissions process here or enquire about your September space today. A full breakdown of our fees can be found here


Transport Links

Ealing Broadway has excellent transport links. You can reach us via the Central, District, and Elizabeth lines. As well as great buses linking to areas such as, South Ealing, Greenford, Hanger Lane, Harlesden, Park Royal, Dollis Hill, Cricklewood, Brent Cross, and many more. Why not check out your journey?

At Ealing Independent College, we invite you to come for a visit, chat with our Principal and get a feel of the college. You won’t be disappointed!

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