Pastoral care

The College Pastoral Care System exists to ensure that all students have an easily accessible support network which enables and encourages them towards success.

When a student enrols at the College, they do not simply attend lessons and sit exams. An important part of the role which the College plays is in pastoral guidance. Students are encouraged not only to succeed academically but also to push themselves to develop outside of the classroom - morally, socially and culturally.

An assembly programme for all students fosters this development. College staff and outside speakers present to the student body on a wide range of topics, which emphasise an appreciation of world faiths, provide practical advice on coping strategies or commemorate days of celebration. Tutor Period, immediately preceding or following the assembly, follows up on any issues which arise.

The College celebrates excellent achievement, rewarding the accumulation of Yellow (Merit) cards, with presentations of prizes and rewards for those students who perform well in the end of term mock examinations. Where poor performance occurs, or Red (Demerit) cards are accrued for conduct below the expected standards of the College, intervention is quickly established to ensure that poor performance is temporary.

Our students, both past and present, are highly appreciative of the extra care and effort which goes into helping them succeed towards reaching their goals.

We place great value on what they relay to us and always do our best to adapt our approach where they make suitable suggestions for improvements.

Balgees joined the College for her GCSE's, and is about to complete her A-Levels with strong grade improvements. In this video, she shares her journey at the College.

From 2017-2018, here are some views, from students or parents, who feel that our approach has been effective:

"This past year has been life changing and I'm not sure I could've achieved what I did at any other college. Words can't describe how grateful and happy I am."

Charlie - student 2017-2018

"The key thing is that in his time at Ealing his approach to education and outputs has improved beyond recognition. He really enjoyed being in class and exchanging ideas with staff and pupils alike and for this we are very grateful to you and your colleagues at the College"

Andrew - father of Jack, who managed a 5 grade increase across 3 A Level subjects in 2017-2018

"I would like to take the opportunity to thank you, and also Marc's teachers, for your collective work in helping Marc achieve excellent results in his GCSEs. I also appreciate the pastoral care that Marc received."

Patrick - father of Marc, who enhanced his grades by 8 in a GCSE Intensive year from 2017-2018

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Each student in the College is assigned a personal tutor where a close-knit relationship is fostered, geared towards academic success. 

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