Tutor system

Each form has a dedicated tutor. Their role is to work closely with parents to support student progress throughout the academic year.

Tutors at the College fulfil an extremely important role for all students. Registration is held for all students at 1.50pm (8.40am additionally for Year 10 and Year 11), providing a daily opportunity to monitor progress or catch up on any areas where guidance or support is required.

The Form Tutor is the first point of contact for parents, and fortnightly updates ensure that they are well informed on their child's academic performance. Tutors also oversee student attendance and punctuality, review merit and demerit points and initiate intervention where issues need to be addressed in a case of insufficient academic progress.

They guide students through the Induction Process and are on hand to act as a mentor when the students need someone to speak to. Where students are applying to university, tutors act as their UCAS referee, guiding their tutees through applications step by step.

Form tutors (2018-2019):


  • James Garside - (Head of GCSE) - GCSE Intensive
  • Jaspreet Hothi - Year 9/10
  • Allan Cairns - Year 11

Year 12

  • Guillermo Esteban
  • Sophia Harrison
  • Sunny Bagga
  • Naushad Sheikh

Year 13

  • Adrian Winiecki - (Co-UCAS Co-Ordinator)
  • Claire Greenwood - (Co UCAS Co-Ordinator)
  • Nemone Sariman
  • Philip Brack
  • Kashif Maan

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Personal development as well as academic excellence. 

The College aims to enhance the development of each student in a moral, social and cultural sense, as well as through academic teaching.

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