Clubs & activities

A wide variety of clubs and societies are attended by students at the College, aimed at enhancing physical, cultural, academic or personal development.

Community engagement and volunteering are fundamental for the College's extra-curricular approach. The Charities Society have fundraised primarily this academic year for Ealing Foodbank through bake sales and donations. In addition to this, the Society is also raising funds to purchase an automated external defibrillator (AED) for the school. These can be used to help restart a heart in the event of a cardiac arrest. So far the society has raised over 30% of the cost, aiming to reach their target by the end of the academic year. We are also volunteering at the London Landmarks Half Marathon, which aims to raise money for the baby charity Tommy's.

The College also hosts a First Aid Society, where students have had the opportunity to learn first aid from using an EpiPen to managing diabetes. In October last year, the school also participated in World Restart a Heart Day, holding sessions on CPR and AEDs throughout the day. Most of our students are now trained in CPR, compared to an average of 1 in 10 across London.

Physical fitness activities are also on offer for the students. Running club take place every week, and students are offered a local subsidised gym membership. Other societies include Metaphysics and Folklore society, Biomedical Society, Debating Society and Engineering Society.

Clubs and activities

Trips which enhance the curriculum

Students at the College have the opportunity to go on a number of trips which help establish a firm grasp of subject content. Learn more about our range of trips and excursions here.

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