Retake A levels 2023 - 2024 at Ealing Independent College

Many students have improved existing grades at the College, having embarked upon our intensive A Level retake programme. Disappointed by grades awarded, they have taken a proactive approach to greatly improve their academic profile, gaining access to the courses and universities they had originally applied for.

A Level results day can bring mixed emotions for students, particularly given the events of the pandemic. Classroom teaching has been greatly compromised over the last two academic years, and the standard of online provision for students was widely variable across the education sector. Some students may well have been disadvantaged by Centre Assessed Grades in 2019-2020 or Teacher Assessed Grades in 2020-2021. Where they did not achieve their predicted grades, they may have lost university offers, or have been tempted to settle for a course at a university which they did not initially intend to go to. 

Can you retake A levels at the College? 

Absolutely - and, when explained on a UCAS personal statement with context provided, this can be a powerful signal of your resilience and dedication to get to the university course you set yourself as a goal. 

There is a strong likelihood that students will naturally improve second time around, and with the additional assistance provided through small class teaching, assessment and monitoring, alongside a learning experience which places emphasis on student leadership and responsibility, many students who have followed this path at Ealing Independent College consider it the best preparation for university courses.

Subjects available to retake at the College:


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How much does it cost to retake A levels? 

Fees for A-level Intensive Courses vary based on the amount of subjects you would be resitting. If you would like further information resitting A Levels privately in regards to the courses and the fees please use the form below to submit an enquiry to our Admissions team.

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A level resit Success stories at our College

A student who joined the College with the intention of retaking his A Level subjects was Jack. Having achieved CCD in Mathematics, Physics and Economics respectively, he lifted his profile to AAC after joining the College, enjoying an impressive 5 grade enhancement. A keen footballer and a model student, Jack has just completed his first year of Mechatronics at the University of Manchester.

Sadie made a brave decision to come to the College for a year after missing out on the grades to gain entrance into the University of her choice. Having previously attained a C grade in Chemistry, she impressively pushed her Chemistry grade from a C to an A. Sadie also worked immensely hard to achieve an A in economics, after taking the subject from scratch in an intensive year. Sadie is now studying Accounting and Finance at the University of Warwick.

Samiya studied Economics, Psychology and Sociology at the College. Most impressively, she took part in an intensive A-level course for Sociology and achieved a grade A in just one year. Samiya went onto study a BSc in Psychology at University of London and is now studying a Masters of Science at UCL where she is training as a Clinical Associate Psychology as part of this postgraduate course.

Seb joined the College with DDE grades from his former school. He originally joined the College to resit Biology and Maths intensively in one year and after taking a D in Biology to an A* and a D in Maths to A he came back to the College the following year to resit Chemistry. Seb also lifted his grade in Chemistry from an E to an A, achieving a set of A*AA grades at EIC and is now studying Molecular Plants and Microbial Sciences (MRes) at Imperial College London. 

Michelle came to the College having achieved DDE at A Level with a local secondary school. She was not prepared to give up on her dream of becoming a vet, and so decided to enrol for an intensive course in three subjects - Biology, Chemistry and Philosophy. Michelle self-funded her study at the College through her part-time work as a hairdresser and showed a tireless work ethic during her time here. She was an excellent role model to younger students, and was integral in encouraging a positive atmosphere within her year group and beyond. Michelle lifted her grades to AAC, and was awarded with a place at the University of Surrey, where she completed the first part of her degree. She now studies at the Royal Veterinary College, and is loving her time there. Michelle was one of the students who came on the trip to China in 2017, successfully climbed Mount Siguniang, and enthusiastically engaged with each part of the expedition.


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