A Level retakes at Ealing Independent College

Many students have improved existing grades at the College, having embarked upon our intensive A Level retake programme.

A Level results day can bring mixed emotions for students. Will all of your hard work culminate into a passage to the university or career path which you had envisioned for yourself? If you did not achieve your predicted grades, what does this mean for your future? Should you make do with a university or course you did not originally plan for? Is it a good idea to retake your A Levels?

Decisions surrounding the next steps after A Level results have become much more complex in recent years. The A Level reforms, gradually rolled out over the last two years, make some students anxious about committing to an intensive retake year for grade improvements. Aggressive university admissions and clearing processes can be confusing and allow students to stray away from their original goals. 

“Take control of your own future,” says Dr Ian Moores, Principal of Ealing Independent College. “Through our focus on the individual, we guide and support all of our retake students towards achieving their personal goals. Receiving an unconditional offer does not mean it is the right offer, and it can often have a detrimental effect on dedication to studies and performance in public exams. We have been emphasising this very point to our students linked to the significant increase in the number of unconditional offers issued each year by universities, as they chase financial targets.” 

There have been many recent success stories at the College on our A Level retake programme (from left to right):

A student who joined the College for one year on the A Level intensive retake programme was Nazanin. Having suffered the disappointing setback of achieving CCD in Mathematics, Psychology and Economics respectively, she lifted her profile to BBC, enjoying a 3 grade enhancement. Nazanin was a popular, industrious and amenable student at the College and she has certainly learned how to study more effectively, going with our very best wishes to study International Relations at Queen Mary University of London.

Katerina, made a brave decision to come to the College for a year with the goal of improving her grades through the A Level retake programme to gain access to better university courses. Having previously attained a B grade in English Literature, she pushed her Mathematics grade from a C to a B and, taking the subject from a scratch start, worked immensely hard to achieve a B in Biology. Katerina will now be studying Biology at Nottingham University from September.

Charlie, hailing from near Manchester, embarked upon an A Level retake programme with the goal of improving his grades to gain access to Medicine courses. Having previously attained an A grade in English Literature, he increased his Biology grade from a B to an A and, without even prior GCSE background knowledge, worked incredibly hard to achieve an A in Chemistry. Charlie has just completed his first year at Anglia Ruskin University, and is well on the way to becoming a very talented doctor.

Another student who joined the College for with the intention of retaking his A Level subjects was Jack. Having suffered the disappointing setback of achieving CCD in Mathematics, Physics and Economics respectively, he lifted his profile to AAC, enjoying an impressive 5 grade enhancement. A keen footballer and a model student, Jack has just completed his first year of Mechatronics at the University of Manchester.

Oscar joined the College with DDE grades from his former school, retaking A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Economics, achieving ABB grades at EIC after a one year in the intensive retake A-level course. He has now completed his second year of the Biology course at the University of Manchester. 

With an exceptional A-level Progress Score which no other West London college can beat and strong links to top universities in London and across the country, the academic team at Ealing Independent College has many years of experience in providing guidance and advice to students who are unhappy with their results and considering their options. Our A Level retake courses have a track record of success, and we are very proud of our record in helping students to get back of track.

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