Fees & scholarships

Ealing Independent College is a fee-paying independent college.

Please see fee structure and scholarship details below. 

Financial Information 2024/2025

Fees for the 2024-2025 academic year are as follows:


GCSE Fees Per Annum

Year 9/10/11, up to 8 subjects £19,650.00

GCSE Intensive, up to 5 subjects £19,650.00


A Level Fees Per Annum

Year 12/13, 3/4 subjects £19,650.00

A Level Intensive, up to 3 subjects £21,250.00

1 subject £7,950.00

2 subjects £15,500.00


The following payment arrangements can be made:
• Payment of the full annual fee (3 terms) in termly instalments on or before the first day of the Autumn, Spring and Summer Term
• Payment of the full annual fee (3 terms) in 9 monthly instalments (i.e. Autumn Term is due in September/October/November, the Spring Term is due in January/February/March and the Summer Term is due in April/May/June.
Parents who wish to pay in monthly instalments must complete a registration form and set up a Standing Order with their bank. This is an interest free monthly payment option, in which each payment will be due on or before the 10th of the month.
The payment dates must be met according to the instalment plan committed to at the beginning of the academic year.

Please contact our Finance Officer, Catherine Alexander, if you have any queries about fees and payment options. 

Scholarships, discounts and payment details

Scholarships are awarded to exceptionally gifted and ambitious students who would otherwise not be able to attend the College without financial support.

Students are evaluated for the Scholarship Scheme on an individual basis. Our scholarship program allows students from outside the Ealing Independent College community to benefit from our teaching and learning opportunities. The initial competition takes place in January each year, and is a chance for those who are not yet registered at the College to win a fully funded place for the duration of an A level or GCSE course starting in September for the next academic year.

A 15% sibling discount is available for students enrolling who have one or more siblings at the College.

Enrolment fees

Upon enrolment, the following non-refundable fees are due:

  • Enrolment fee of £300
  • Book and resource material fee of £450 (per academic year)

Additional supplementary fees information

For college GCSE courses, tuition fees are inclusive of PHSE, games programme and examination fees except for retakes of modular exams. 

Examinations fees: Charged separately for all A-level subjects. All examination fees are due 14 days from date of invoice. Failure or late payment of examination fees will result in withdrawal of all examination entries. Please note, students will be entered for examinations on the courses for which they are receiving tuition in a class. However, it is the students’ responsibility to ensure that their names are included on examination lists for all other examinations for which they wish to be entered (e.g. resits). All examinations entries will be invoiced separately. 

Pastoral care

Discover more about our pastoral approach - where tutors are assigned to small groups of students and regular contact ensures that parents are well informed about progress.

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