Independent study

The College offers a calm and purposeful environment, where students are timetabled to maintain discipline from their first lesson to their last.

Ealing Independent College, unlike many further education establishments, ensures that students are in College, working with purpose from the start of their timetabled day to the end. Between scheduled lessons in their timetables, they have Supervised Study sessions. These sessions are held in the Study Room and quiet is maintained throughout.

Students find this approach beneficial for many reasons. Not only does it ensure that they are using their time productively, but it also gives them the chance to feel comfortable working in the same environment like the one which they will be sitting their formal exams in.

Students who have proven themselves at the College, keeping up with work set to a high standard and excelling in class assessments, can apply for an Exemption Card. This enables the student to have access to the Reading Room - an unsupervised environment, allowing them more freedom to debate and discuss problems as peers.

Regular assessment, marking and feedback. 

Learn more about the College approach to homework setting, assessment and student-teacher dialogue.

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