External candidates

Ealing Independent College accepts private candidates for GCSE, IGCSE and A-Level examinations during the June - July exam period.

Applications Update

The deadline to submit your application has now passed and we are not accepting any applications received after Wednesday 17th March at 12pm.

Examinations Update

Thursday 26th January 2021

We are dedicated to supporting all private candidates at our centre where possible. Please click here to read our correspondence to private candidates from The Principal, Allan Cairns, detailing how we plan to proceed with private candidates this year. 

Thursday 25th February 2021 

Following on from the announcement that Ofqual assessments will not take place, we are following Path 2 as outlined in the initial letter from the Principal. Students will partake in the Easter Mock examination series and will then sit final assessments in the May-June window.

Thursday 11th March 2021 

Please click here to view a letter explaining the assessment arrangements for all private candidates who are registered at our exam centre for the Summer 2021 series.

You can also view the timetable for assessments here which provides exact dates by subject for the first set of assessments which are taking place in April. Second assessments will be taking place between 1st - 15th June and the final timetable will be provided shortly.


For students who wish to sit A-Level exams, we offer all written papers from AQA, Edexcel and OCR. A full list of subjects we can accommodate are available here


We are able to offer some GCSE and most IGCSE exams for External Candidates. Exams are offered in subjects where assessment is entirely through written papers. Please note that many GCSEs involve controlled assessment, which we cannot offer. 

As many standard GCSEs do involve coursework many of our private candidates opt to take IGCSEs from Edexcel, which are an equivalent qualification but do not involve controlled assessment or coursework.

You can also access our Terms & Conditions for External Candidates by clicking here.

Fees and deadlines 

Exam Type  Normal Entry (before 12pm on Friday 5th February 2021) Late Entry (before 12pm on Friday 19th March 2021) Very Late Entry (before 12pm on Monday 12th April 2021)

GCSE & IGCSE (per subject excluding Languages)

Deadline passed £150 Unavailable

A-Level Syllabus (per subject)

Deadline passed £200 Unavailable


Exam Type  Normal Entry (before 12pm on Friday 5th February 2021) Late Entry (before 12pm on Friday 19th March 2021) Very Late Entry (before 12pm on Monday 12th April 2021)

GCSE French (AQA Exam Board only)

IGCSE French

Deadline passed £200 Not Available 

A-Level French (Edexcel & AQA exam boards only)

Deadline passed £300 Not Available 

Application process for external candidates

We are no longer accepting applications for external candidates for the Summer 2021 exam series.

JCQ information

Please read the following information before embarking upon exams as an external candidate

Information for candidates – written examinations

Please see the exam board's website for your specific exam dates.

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