External candidates

Ealing Independent College accepts private candidates for GCSE, IGCSE and A-Level examinations during the May-June exam period.

Application process for Summer 2022

Applications for the May-June exam period in 2022 are now welcome.

For those who wish to apply, please complete all sections of the application form which can be accessed by clicking here.

A full list of subjects and exam boards that we offer for GCSE and A-level can be accessed on the application form.

We cannot process any applications without the full form being submitted.

Once you have completed the form, you will receive an automated confirmation message. Candidates will then required to email any additional documents that have been requested (proof of valid ID and, if relevant, a proof of practical endorsement). Please make sure you state your FULL NAME in the subject of this email to allow us to correctly process your application form.  

Access Arrangements

If you require extra time in your exam please respond YES to the section of the application form which asks if you require access arrangements. You will also be asked to confirm what access arrangements you require. Please note that all external candidates who have requested to receive access arrangements will be required to sit an assessment at the College which will incur an additional fee. 

Once we have processed your application you will receive a payment request.

We are anticipating a large amount of applications for this series and will aim to respond to all queries within 10 working days. Please only contact us if your application has been pending for more than 10 working days and you have yet to receive a follow-up email requesting payment.

2022 Contigency Plan

As a college we hope to return back to normal GCSE and A level exams this series. However, there is a small chance that the exams will be cancelled this year, due to Covid-19. Please read our contingency below: 

Information for candidates - 2022 Contigency plan 

Please see the exam board's website for your specific exam dates.

Fees and deadlines 

Exam Type  Normal Entry (before 12pm on Friday 4th February 2022) Late Entry  Very Late Entry 

GCSE & IGCSE (per subject excluding Languages)

£175 TBC Unavailable

A-Level Syllabus (per subject)

£250 TBC Unavailable


Exam Type  Normal Entry (before 12pm on Friday 4th February 2022) Late Entry  Very Late Entry 

GCSE French, Spanish or German (AQA Exam Board only)

£250 TBC Not Available 

A-Level French (Edexcel only)

£350 TBC Not Available 


Admissions process

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