External candidates

Ealing Independent College accepts private candidates for GCSE, IGCSE and A-Level examination during the May-June exam period.


For students who wish to sit A-Level exams, we offer all written papers from Edexcel, AQA, OCR and WJEC, but we cannot accept coursework, even if it has been marked by another school.

Additionally, we are able to arrange Speaking exams for A-levels in French. Candidates are free to prepare the topics of their choice for any speaking component, although guidance will be given by our tutor.


We offer some GCSEs and most IGCSE exams for external candidates. Exams are offered in subjects where assessment is entirely through written exams - many GCSEs involve controlled assessment, which we cannot offer.

If you have previously sat a GCSE you may be able to ‘carry forward’ the coursework mark (please check with the exam board to see if this is possible before applying). If you are sitting a GCSE for the first time please confirm it does not have any coursework before making an application.

As many standard GCSEs do involve coursework many of our external candidates opt to take IGCSEs from Edexcel, which are an equivalent qualification but do not involve controlled assessment or coursework.

Note: we do not currently offer IGCSEs from the Cambridge board. For modern foreign languages we offer the AQA GCSE in French - there is an additional cost for these units as a speaking exam is involved. We do not offer GCSEs in modern languages from other exam boards.

Application process for external candidates

To apply for exams you can complete an application form and return it to or you can come by the College to sign up in person.

There are 2 different applications forms depending on the subjects you wish to take:

For A-Level Science please click here and for GCSE's and all other A-Level subjects please click here.

Once your application is submitted we will take payment in full by: card payment in person card payment over the phone bank transfer cheque (must clear before stated payment deadlines) Your application cannot be processed until the payment is made. We will then confirm with you by email when the application is completed.

Fees - GCSE

£145 per subject until 5 pm 3rd February 2020 (£195 for French including the spoken element) £195.00 per subject for late entry - until 5 pm 27th March 2020 (£295 for French including the spoken element) £350 per subject for very late entry - until 5 pm 24th April 2012

Note: Science Double Award counts as two GCSEs, and the cost for it is the same as for two separate GCSEs, i.e. £290 before 3rd February.

Fees - A Level

A-levels have recently changed to a new, linear, system. Please make sure you apply to sit the right qualification and be aware that for linear exams you cannot carry forward any of your marks from a previous year, and must re-sit all papers. AS grades do not contribute to an overall A-level, and you need not sit an AS before sitting the full A-level. The cost of sitting a new syllabus qualification is based on the number of papers involved – usually two papers for AS-level, and three for A-level. Please double check the number of papers for your qualification before applying.

£195 per subject - until 5 pm 3rd February 2020,  £395 per subject for late entry - until 5 pm 27th March 2020,  £550 per subject for very late entry - until 5 pm 24th April 2020

No applications for the French spoken elements will be considered after the deadline of the 24th April 2019.

Payment can be made by via cheque, via debit card or by bank transfer to the College. Please contact our admissions office for payment details. An application is not complete until payment is made - i.e. if payment is not made before 5 pm 3rd February 2020 late fees will apply.

JCQ information

Please read the following information before embarking upon exams as an external candidate

Information for candidates – written examinations

Please see the exam board's website for your specific exam dates.

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