Consistently high value added

Amongst the top 5% in helping students improve their grades.

On 24 January 2019, the Department of Education published the A-Level performance of schools across England. Ealing Independent College is proud to announce that it remains amongst the top in the country in securing academic progress for its students. With a Progress Score of +0.5 this positions the College amongst the top 5% of schools and colleges in the country in helping students improve their grades.

The Department of Education describes Ealing Independent College’s Progress Score as, ‘Well above average’ and puts the College in a very strong position amongst its competitors in the London area.

The Principal of Ealing Independent College commented, "This is another outstanding year for the College. This is a testament to the high-quality teaching and robust academic monitoring that are hallmarks of the College. Many of our students benefit from the bespoke education that the College designs and delivers for them – capitalising on their individual strengths and guiding them through areas for development which have previously been a barrier to success."

What really marks the College out is our consistency - Never out of the top 15% of schools for value added, and often in the top 5%.

Dedicated and committed staff

Teachers at the College genuinely want their students to do well and go above and beyond to support students’ learning journeys. The College has little difficulty in recruiting the highest calibre of teachers, as we provide the perfect environment of small classes, strong student-teacher relationships and a purposeful, academic ethos.

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