A level courses

Students aged 16 to 19 (Year 12 to 13) join the College for the internationally recognised A level qualification. The programme provides students with the necessary qualifications to gain access to top universities in the UK and abroad.

Subject specialisation

Most students will choose three or four subjects at A level over two years that have been specifically chosen to ensure they gain access to their choice of university upon successful completion of the programme. The teachers and personal tutors work closely with the students to ensure they stay motivated and work hard throughout their A level programme to secure the grades they need to reach their academic goals. They will help explore internship and training schemes that will complement the student’s learning and strengthen their university application.

One year intensive

At Ealing Independent College, we have successfully been helping students who have underachieved on their A level courses gain the results they need. The high level of commitment expected means that we recommend that no more than two or three subjects should be taken simultaneously. Due to the recent A level reform, the intensive year will encompass the two year curriculum, and it is therefore only suitable for those who have previously sat the exams and wish to enhance their grades to join this one year programme.

Retaking A levels at EIC

If you are considering retaking your A levels, Ealing Independent College is the place to start your journey towards A level success. Our college has a proven track record of helping students to achieve their full potential. Our small classes, supportive environment and dedicated teachers will help you to get the results you want.

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