23 May 2024

Why Ealing Independent College for GCSE and A Levels?

Why Ealing Independent College for GCSE and A Levels?

How Ealing can support you through your GCSEs and A Levels

Ealing Independent College helps students advance confidently through empowerment and support. We aim to help all our students in achieving success in their GCSE and A Levels. We do this by developing an inclusive community where they can reach their full potential. Our goal is for them to become the best version of themselves. Based in Ealing Broadway, West London, we value the tailored learning we offer all students. 

The success of our community depends on students and staff working together to conquer challenges. We support our students in discovering new skills, achieving academic success, and being their best selves, all within an inspiring, nurturing, and caring environment.

What sets our approach to learning and ensuring academic success apart is the way we inspire and motivate students to perform at their highest level. Our approach has consistently delivered proven success. We offer individual learning experiences tailored to each student’s academic goals and ambitions. With small class sizes, this maximises learning time, creates a focused environment, and ensures timely marking and feedback.

Each student is assigned a personal tutor who holds daily meetings to track progress, set targets, and provide invaluable guidance. We also establish a close relationship with parents, enabling ourselves to be available for any updates on their son or daughter's progress. Our teachers are dedicated to helping students succeed and provide extra support to help each student learn effectively. This is a hallmark of the College, and we truly believe that our size, ethos, and environment are key factors in helping students reach their potential. 

We provide a friendly and intimate learning environment where all staff and students are on a first-name basis, and students support and encourage each other in achieving their academic goals.

When students join the College, a partnership is created. Through hard work, dedication, and dialogue between the College, parents, and students, they leave Ealing with grades and university destinations they could only have dreamed of. We tailor the individual academic programme to each student. This bespoke learning ensures that individual needs are met.

Between lessons, students attend supervised study periods where they complete homework, prepare for tests, and review what they have learned. We ensure that students always have sufficient work to keep their minds focused. Students are tested approximately every two weeks in each subject. Our students collaborate and uplift one another in pursuit of their academic aspirations through study, after school clubs and more. 


The individual is at the core of our unique approach to teaching and learning. We are not satisfied with merely teaching the curriculum and turning students into a particular stereotype; we want to help them become the best version of themselves.

We strive to celebrate and develop each student's individuality and help them achieve their true potential.


Ealing’s Admissions Process

We offer a supportive admissions process, which begins with a tour and meeting with our Principal. This is a great chance to speak about the educational goals and get advice from our experienced Principal and teaching staff. We will always go the extra mile to ensure that Ealing Independent College is the right place for you. 


First Stage | Tour and Interview

To get a sense of our friendly atmosphere and small class sizes, we invite you to tour our college as a first step in the admissions process. Next, students and parents must meet with the Principal for an interview. They need to bring a copy of the student's academic record, such as exam or result slips. 


Second Stage | Assessment 

The Principal will set a series of assessments to determine if a student is suitable for the college's academic rigour. Admission tests are taken at home, and once completed, the Principal is notified. 


Third Stage | Second Interview and Offer

Prior to the next stage of the admissions process, the Principal conducts a second interview with parents and students to discuss assessment results. To ensure the college tailors the education to each student's academic goals and ambitions, the Principal will assess their individual needs.


Academic records and a successful interview with the Principal are required for an offer at Ealing Independent College. An offer letter is issued within one week of attending the interview, where the recommended programme of study created for the student at Ealing Independent College will be outlined. In order to formally accept the offer, applicants should follow the steps outlined below.


Fourth Stage | Acceptance 

Upon accepting a place at Ealing Independent College, you will need to submit an enrolment form online, by mail, or in person.

The completed enrolment form must be accompanied by the following documentation and payment:

  • Most recent school report/academic reference
  • Copies of academic recordsealing independent college
  • Any other necessary supporting documents/qualifications
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Registration fee (£300)

Read more about our process here and sign up today for a tour of the College and meeting with our Principal, Allan Cairns.

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