SEN provision

The nature of the College ensures that every student can reach their potential, no matter the obstacle.

The small and friendly nature of the College is the perfect environment in which all students can thrive. With class sizes set at a maximum of 12, students who have an additional learning need can be catered for without the need for disruption.

It is the view of the College that students should be able to be comfortable in lessons and enjoy learning in lessons at their own pace. Due to increased and improved communication between teacher and student, this is possible.

Notes can be given pre-lesson so that students can focus on the teaching rather than getting written notes down, and teachers are always available to revisit any sections of learning which were problematic.

Identification and assessment

Close relationships between staff and students are a hallmark of the College, and these enable the ability for effective identification of candidates who need additional support academically. Parents, Teachers or the students themselves can make a request to be assessed. A full analytical teacher questionnaire will build a profile of need, and then the student will undergo a range of tests, carried out by our independent assessor, with a diagnosis then reached.

This method has found success in ensuring that students who have previously not had access to the additional support which they have merited, in their previous schools, have been correctly supported with us.

Student council

Learn about the work of the student council, democratically elected to represent the student body in elections presided over by their peers.

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