GCSE resits 2021-22 at Ealing Independent College

Retaking GCSE examinations can be a springboard to A Level study, and the College has enjoyed tremendous success with students who have worked hard to improve their GCSE grades.

Given the circumstances of the pandemic, with interrupted class teaching time, the advent of online learning and disruption of exams, many students will feel that they have not been able to attain the grades they feel that they deserve. Without good GCSE grades, one may find they are limited in the options they have:

  • They will not be able to access A Level courses
  • They may not be able to gain entry to College courses
  • When it later comes to applying for university, they may not meet requirements

Ealing Independent College provides the perfect environment for students who have struggled to fulfil their potential at GCSE level by providing personalised support in a small class setting. Weaknesses are quickly identified and intervention is put in place to help maximise student performance from an early stage. Support is there every step of the way.

With a great deal of variance in terms of the quality of online learning, and students or teachers having to isolate for periods, disruption has made the last two academic years more challenging. At the College, we responded to the pandemic swiftly, moving all lessons, homework and assessments online so as to minimise disruption. We feel that our students worked diligently to earn their grades, whether awarded as part of the Centre Assessed Grades in 2020, or the Teacher Assessed Grades in 2021.

Can you resit GCSEs at the College?

Yes you can resit gcse exams. Naturally, you will improve second time around, but with tailored and targeted support, the grade enhancements can become life changing, ensuring that students who do so have more options, and feel more confident moving on to A Levels or a College course.

Will resitting GCSEs put me at a disadvantage?

No. The new grades you receive will simply replace the ones you have, and there is no stigma with resitting. Hundreds of pupils in the UK take an extra year to get things right - and it is far better to be happy with your GCSE results, motivated and confident to move forward to the next stage of your education, rather than trying to rush on with gaps in your knowledge or frailties in your technique.

GCSE resits subjects at our West London College:

  • Resit English GCSE

  • Resit Mathematics GCSE

  • Resit Science GCSEs (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) as Single, Double or Triple Science

  • Resit History or Geography GCSE

  • Resit French or Spanish GCSE

  • Resit Business or Computer Science GCSE

GCSE resit Success stories at the College

The increased opportunity for focus has unlocked the door to A Level study for several students at the College, with some examples from recent years below (from left to right):

Lina took disappointing grades, achieved at a local secondary school, of ABBCC to a far more impressive A*A*A*AB in her GCSE retakes, with a grade enhancement of 7 across five subjects. She has just completed A Levels in Maths, Chemistry and Psychology and will be going on to study Economics at City University of London this year.

Abdullah enjoyed an incredibly impressive grade enhancement in his GCSE retake year with the College. Having come here from an international school in Singapore, he lifted poor grades in Maths, English Literature, single Science and History (UFED) to an impressive BBBCCC, taking all three sciences separately in the process, and making a 14 grade enhancement. He has completed A Levels in History, Psychology and Politics and will go on to study International Relations at University.

Jaspreet, previously at a local state school, came to Ealing with the intention of improving her disappointing grades in the core subjects, where she attained CDCC in Maths, English and Double Science. She managed to attain an excellent improvement of ABBBB in English, Maths and now Triple Science through the GCSE resit programme at the College. Jaspreet went on to complete A Levels and has now moved on to Aston University to study Pharmacy.

Rehab arrived at the College, having achieved some disappointing GCSE results (BCCDE). Through self-discipline, rigour and conscientious studying habits, through GCSE resits, she was able to lift her grades to three A* grades in Maths, Biology and Chemistry, one B grade and a C. Rehab will now go on to study Pharmacy at Kings College London.


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