Principal's welcome

Welcome to Ealing Independent College and thank you for considering our small college, ideally located in one of the nicest parts of West London in the heart of Ealing.

The College offers a friendly and personalised learning environment with small class sizes, where students have a strong support system in place, both through the teachers as well as their peers. The learning extends beyond the classrooms, with a selection of clubs and societies available to enrich and enhance the College experience.

Ealing Independent College is a wonderful place to learn and grow, supported by passionate and dedicated staff who ensure each and every student reaches his or her potential and leave with grades and university destinations that they could only have dreamed of.

With an average class size of eight, it gives our staff the chance to fully understand each individual student - to get to know how they best make progress - and to make a bespoke learning programme for them, geared towards ensuring that they perform to the very best of their abilities.


It only takes a visit to the College to fully appreciate the unique atmosphere we provide.

I have an unshakeable belief that every young person can achieve, no matter what barrier stands in their way.

The time I have spent at Ealing, since joining the College in 2014, have been immensely enjoyable, and through my positions as Head of GCSE and Humanities, Director of Studies, Vice Principal and Principal, I have come to know the College and its workings intimately. It has been a pleasure to have been involved in the development of the College to this point, and I’m excited about what can be achieved in the future, particularly as demand for places at the College grows. 

In recent years, the College has enjoyed tremendous success, and I will continue to do everything in my power to ensure that each and every student at the College is given every opportunity to fulfil his or her potential. I have an unshakeable belief that every young person can achieve, no matter what barrier stands in their way. It is our job at Ealing to identify and develop talents, aptitudes and abilities and to provide the right balance of challenge and support in order to enable all to succeed, guiding the way to places at top universities for all who come to study here.

As well as promoting high academic standards, I will ensure that the strong emphasis on the development of students at the College as well-rounded individuals is maintained. Ealing students will continue to be encouraged to be confident, motivated, self-disciplined, considerate and respectful of others so that they can make positive contributions to society now and in the future. 

I believe passionately that students will thrive and make excellent progress when they feel safe and secure within a strong context of high standards and expectations. The wellbeing of students at the College is paramount. The school’s ethos and vision is based around embracing the individuality of each student, valuing their contributions inside and outside the classroom and encouraging them through outstanding teaching in small groups and excellent pastoral care so that they can truly flourish as individuals.

I look forward to continuing to work with Ealing Independent College students, staff and parents with the shared goal of realising the potential of each and every young person who commences their studies here.


Allan Cairns

Principal, Ealing Independent College

Consistently high performance in adding value for students

On 24 January 2019 the Department of Education published the A-Level performance of schools across England. Ealing Independent College is proud to announce that it remains amongst the top in the country in securing academic progress for its students. With a Progress Score of +0.5 this positions the College amongst the top 5% of schools and colleges in the country in helping students improve their grades.

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