08 August 2023

Thinking of Resitting your GCSEs? Riyal's Journey

Thinking of Resitting your GCSEs? Riyals Journey

The number of students resitting their GCSEs, over the last few years, has grown exponentially at Ealing Independent College. 

Traditionally, the College provided programmes for Sixth Form students, usually to secure entry into Medicine courses at university. The scope of what we offer at EIC, however, has widened immeasurably, and this has attracted a significant growth in numbers in Year 9, 10 and 11.

In this series of articles, which leads up to the GCSE results on August 24th, we’ll be discussing the expansion of provision for students at Key Stage Four at the College, whilst hearing from some former students who describe in detail their experiences in their GCSE years.

From September, the College will be expanding the range of GCSES courses which one can study at Ealing. At present, students have the chance to largely select a group of subjects which they want to do, building on the core disciplines of Mathematics, English Language and Literature with the Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). In addition to this, students can take a language (French or Spanish), along with Art, Computer Science or Business Studies, and choose from a range of Humanities subjects - History, Geography or Sociology. Religious Studies will now be possible from September, as will Further Mathematics at GCSE, lifting the range of courses available from 12 to 14. 

While some students take as many as 11 GCSEs at the College, others are content to manage their load with five. Outside of compulsory subjects such as maths and english, students are never forced to study something they find that they can not thrive in. You can also choose to sit your exam or exams as a private candidate. Learn more about our external exam centre here.

This approach was important for former student Riyal. After a complicated relationship with the previous large school she attended, she appreciated the much smaller and familiar environment she found at EIC, where she received a lot of guidance and support from the teachers. Riyal was a self-driven, motivated and positive student who joined EIC for a GCSE Intensive course, then studied Maths, Chemistry, Biology, and English Literature at A-Levels at the College. Riyal achieved a pass grade with all her subjects, a fantastic achievement. 

Interested in retaking GCSEs at Ealing Independent College - Ryial's Story

Riyal was a self-driven, motivated and positive student who joined EIC for a GCSE Intensive course, then studied Maths, Chemistry, Biology, and English Literature at A-Levels at the College. Riyal achieved a pass grade with all her subjects, a fantastic achievement. 

A flexible, but comprehensive approach to GCSEs, rather than having to do things you dislike

"Ealing allowed me to take the necessary GCSEs I’d need to take and get on to A Levels. There was just such amazing guidance. To be able to do what a two year course does in one year, and deliver it so well and with so much support, I appreciate so much, because I’d almost lost faith that I’d be able to complete my GCSEs.”

Finding a like minded friendship group which gets the most from everyone

"Not only does Ealing bring in people who want to grow with and support each other. It wasn’t just friendship, it was academic support. Wherever one of us had a weakness, the others would help.” 

Learning to study, and building habits for A Levels

"Having scheduled study during GCSEs forced me to sit down and focus. There was no talking. There were no distractions. I understood the benefits of sitting on your own and getting it done.”

A very high standard of teaching, from dependable reliable professionals

"The support and guidance, not just academically, but emotionally, made a huge difference. A variety of approaches helped, but they all pushed me so much to do the best I could.”

Feeling listened to, and becoming empowered because of it

"Because my feedback was so well received and so well responded to by staff, I feel like I can openly comment on and challenge things now. My confidence was all built up at Ealing.”

Appreciate the opportunity

"Being at Ealing, you are going to be surrounded by amazing people. They might have struggled with things in the past or they might have different circumstances that have brought them to the College but the connections you make will lead to lifelong friendships, and the relationships with teachers are something you’ll look back on and treasure.”

You can listen to the full podcast on Spotify, where Riyal discusses her work with the Student Council, as well as the progress she made at A Level, UCAS applications, and gaining a place at UCL to study Pharmacy.


Speak with us today about entry requirements, our admissions process and the support we offer at Ealing Independent College.

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