30 October 2019

Student Council sets agenda for new College year

Student Council sets agenda for new College year

The student council has been assembled for the year, and is made up of the following students (from left to right):

Neelanksha (year 13)

Nali (Year 12)

Marc (Year 13)

Edward (Year 12)

Abi (Year 11)


Meeting for the first time just before half term, they successfully formulated a manifesto for change in the upcoming year. The council will be reviewing the provision of refreshments for students in the College, and reviewing several College policies - Independent Study including use of the reading room; mobile phones use within the College; and the deployment if ICT resources both in and out of lessons. The council will also be carrying on the excellent work of the Charities Society from last year, and looking to raise funds which will enhance the student experience at the College, including the possibility of an end of year celebratory event for students to attend.

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    Student Council sets agenda for new College year

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