01 August 2023

Retaking A Levels Privately - Hamze’s Journey 

Retaking A Levels Privately - Hamze’s Journey 

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”  Maya Angelou

In the last article showcasing our student success stories, we discussed the importance of changing one’s approach - referencing a quote by Albert Einstein to show that employing the same approach over and over will likely yield the same results. 

Continuing the theme, let’s consider another aspect of results day, which is fast approaching on August 17th.

When students receive their results, it can be easy to compare theirs with others, who may be present when those all-important envelopes are opened. They may well get what they need to see them through to their first choice university - and seeing them moving on provides a huge temptation to follow suit. 

The step between school or college and university is perhaps the most important decision in one’s life - and it needs to be taken with due care and diligence.

If your approach brought disappointment before, is it really the best idea to move forward in doubt?

As Maya Angelou so rightly stated above - if you don’t like something, take the chance to change it.

The grades you get on the 17th will be with you forever - which means that, post university, you might be going up against similarly qualified graduates for your first role - and the A Levels you have will certainly be taken into account.

So, if you look at these grades - whether you were aiming for A*s or Cs, and they have not met your expectations, consider what it shows future employers about your character by sorting it out:

  • It shows resilience
  • It shows high standards
  • It shows commitment to self-improvement

Employers will understand that things don’t always go to plan the first time - it’s how one responds that really counts. Retaking A Levels can bring with it a huge shift in attitude, which in turn can build confidence, mastery of a subject (thus making first year at university easier) and exposure to a new set of friends, ideas and approaches in learning. To find more about our intensive A Level retake course, click the button. 

One such student decided it was right to take the year to improve what he had - and in retaking A Levels privately at Ealing, he improved his grades, and found a whole new approach to studying in the process.

Retaking A Levels at Ealing Independent College - Hamze’s experience in his own words

Hamze retook Biology and Chemistry - previously B grades, secured at a local state school - and improved these to two A* grades, accepting an offer from UCL to study Chemical Engineering, having turned down an offer from Kings the previous year.

A Fresh Approach to A Level Studies: Maximize Your Potential

"I hadn't come across the importance of studying properly in your own time before I came to EIC - the consequence of this was that I was going over the content and revising modules way ahead of when I needed to do so."

Excel in Exams: A Strategic Approach to Test Preparation

"When I got to pressured exam periods, I didn't have to do huge chunks of revision because I'd been so consistent throughout the year."

Teachers Who Inspire Growth: Embracing Challenges and Expanding Horizons

"The teachers, great teachers whom I came across, really stretched me by going through EVERY past paper - not just my exam board, but all exams boards, including international - and this completely increased my capabilities."

Empowerment through Education: Building Confidence and Ambition

"I became conditioned to working hard, being driven, being ambitious. From a confidence perspective, the College really helped. The teachers showed me that you should be the first one to believe in yourself."

Mastering Discipline: A Key Asset for Success

"Discipline is one of the best assets I learned at Ealing."

Embracing Second Chances: The Transformative Impact of A Level Retakes

"A defining moment - the best decision I ever made in my life. I can't put a value on how it's changed the trajectory of my life - my career, the people I've met, the opportunities it's brought me."

Listen to the full episode of the podcast here to learn about how Hamze enjoyed success with the College football team, a popular extracurricular activity, and how he has moved into investment banking.

Hamzes A level success story on SpotifyListen on Spotify about Hazme resitting A Levels


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