25 August 2022

GCSE Results - The Future Looks Bright

GCSE Results - The Future Looks Bright

Following on from the successes of A Level results last week, GCSE students at Ealing Independent College showed their resilience, commitment and determination in order to secure a range of outstanding grades.

With over 70% of our students obtaining 5 or more grades of 4-9, including English and Mathematics, the emphasis falls on the tremendous dedication of the students themselves, who have performed superbly well, many of whom significantly surpassing expectations along the way.

Many of the students will now move on to A Levels at the College, having proved that they are capable of attaining the highest grades possible. As Ealing focuses on student empowerment and individuality, it is only right to put the spotlight on just a few of our success stories below:

Noor has stood out as a driven, erudite and passionate student from the day she walked into the College. Having taken her own path through GCSEs, sitting exams at the end of each of her years 9, 10 and 11, she now completes her set of grades, making for incredibly impressive reading: she has six GCSEs at Grade 9, two at grade 8 and one grade 7. Noor’s mission to become a doctor is absolutely on track.

Archie came to the College at the start of year 11, and has managed to get the very best from himself to perform outstandingly well. With one grade 9, two grade 8s, a 7 and two 6s, he has given himself many options for A Level study. A thoughtful, reflective and popular student, Archie has an extremely bright future before him.

Dylan has overcome many struggles to get to where he is now. When he first came to Ealing, he found attending to be a huge challenge. Consistently having worked on building resilience and positive relationships with his peers and staff, he has scored a range of results which have left his teachers incredibly proud. Five grade 7s, a grade 6 and two 5s constitute an amazing turnaround in fortunes since the start of Year 10.

Louie moved to the College part way through Year 10 having undergone a challenging time at his previous school. Embracing the transition, whilst becoming one of the most respected and well-liked students at EIC, he attained three grade 6s, two grade 5s and two grade 4s - and he will go on to A Level study, and, no doubt, a promising career in business with a new sense of confidence in his approach.

We have also enjoyed working with many students who have returned to their studies this year in an effort to improve their grades from previous schools after the trials and tribulations of lockdown learning, CAGs and TAGs. What has been achieved with a number of these students has been little short of miraculous.

Hannan took largely pass grades, alongside some which fell below that mark, to the highest grades available, finding a supportive environment which inspired her to new levels. She took an English Language grade of 4 up to an 8, Mathematics from a 4 to a 7, and Combined Science grades of 3-4 up to Triple Science grades of 9-8-7. She has truly turned her life around here, and now has a great deal of options which she never before could even comprehend.

Soultan is a student who embodies empowerment. Having battled ill health during the pandemic, he was able to reach many of the incredibly high standards which he sets for himself. Attaining three grade 9s, two grade 8s and three grade 6s, some results having come in subjects he received absolutely no tuition for, is an achievement which shows the considerable amount of natural talent and perseverance he possesses.

Zara is another student who has changed the entire trajectory of her life through application and determination, whilst taking advantage of the small class teaching and regular feedback provided at the College. Having come to Ealing with a range of 3s, 4s and 5s from a local state school, Zara pushed her grades up to two 8s, two 7s and a 6 - and will now move forward to A Level study with renewed levels of confidence.

These are just a few of the students who have made it a results day to celebrate at EIC. The damp weather will certainly not dampen the mood at the College.

A huge congratulations to the students, who have emerged from the last two years of disruption, looking ahead to their next steps with vigour.

We are so very proud of them all!

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