08 June 2021

EIC Virtual Art & Photography Exhibition

EIC Virtual Art Photography Exhibition

'I am extremely proud to present a selection of the brilliant photographic and artistic work of three very different but high potential students who have worked very hard on their A-levels in Art and Design at Ealing Independent College. With two students going to study Fine Art at university, this exhibition opens a door to the nurturing and creative world of art.

Alex has been interested in social and personal issues during her two years on the A-level course. With the project "Issues of concern" she explored important topics such as racism, mental health and the impact of Covid- 19 on society, brilliantly analysing herself and the world around her, with an eye for aesthetics and composition, but at the same time critical of today's society. 

Pejman's work revolves around the theme of colour and the society in which he lives. They are often surreal images of great visual impact that take the viewer to metaphysical places. His work induces a meaningful exploration that allows the viewer to grasp new details. Pejman feels the influence of his origins in his works and, as a good artist, explores these themes with intelligence and humour.

Over the last two years, Hersi has explored various themes with an intimate but experimental approach. With the theme of colour and how perceptions can be influenced by its use, his portraits range from figurative to abstract, with continuous experimentation of different techniques. His photographic reportage work in Somalia is also very interesting, showing us a cross-section of life in a country that retains strong traditions.'

Lucilla Nitto, Teacher of Photography

You can access the exhibition by clicking the link here.

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