08 June 2022

Moving from a Foreign Country and Thriving at EIC: Aditya's Story

Moving from a Foreign Country and Thriving at EIC: Adityas Story

Having moved from Singapore to London just over a month ago, Aditya has already made Ealing Independent College tremendously proud of his exceptional attitude to learning and his hard working nature. 

It is hard to imagine how a fourteen-year-old student would feel when leaving his “old life” behind, on the other side of the planet, and starting afresh in a place where everything is new: the country; the environment; and especially his college. With new friends to make and teachers to get to know, come new challenges.

We cannot stress enough how seamless this transition appeared to be when it comes to Aditya.

For this reason, we asked him for a quick interview, where we found out how he feels about his recent move and how easily he integrated in the College Community. 

Aditya, thank you for taking some time for this interview. Can I start by asking what is your overall feeling about the College and about London, in general. I hope that Ealing has welcomed you warmly. 

It is quite difficult to describe how I feel. It’s only been a month, so this all still feels like a Holiday! But I’m sure that the Summer will probably help me to get more used to London. 

Have you explored around Ealing, and more broadly, London? 

Ealing feels really small in comparison to Singapore. However, at least there is a nice sense of Community.

I have also been sightseeing and visiting central London at weekends with my cousin, who lives in Wembley. I will explore more over the summer. 

Thank you, Aditya. Tell me about your friendship group; I believe it must be hard to leave your old friends and make new ones quickly. Are you still in touch with your friends in Singapore? Do you feel like you’re close to the other students here?

I still talk to my friends back in Singapore every single day. Sometimes the time difference makes it hard, but I still do. However, I also get along well with all the other students in my year group. Maybe with time I will see them outside of school as well, as sometimes I get bored at home.

Is there anything that you think might help you to integrate better within Ealing? 

I would like to join a sports club over the summer. I think that will be enjoyable and I will meet new people.

It sounds like a good plan! One last question I have for you concerns the teaching style of our teachers here in comparison to the school system you were used to in Singapore. How is that different and have you found it easy to adapt?

Well, the curriculum I was following in Singapore was slightly different, so some lessons are easier than others - it depends on subjects and topics. But I really enjoy the teaching here, and I do think that all the teachers are really experienced in what they do, they are supportive and helpful. 

My favourite subject is Physics, and I enjoy all the Science Practicals. I used to do Science experiments in my previous school as well, but recently EIC has done a physics experiment at the park, which was something really different and enjoyable. I had never done an experiment outside of school before. 

Thank you, Aditya. Well, it looks like you are enjoying learning at EIC, and you are definitely making your teachers proud thanks to your hard work. 

We are sure that you will flourish and thrive here, good luck! 

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