15 June 2022

Re-sitting GCSE exams: Tania's Story

Re-sitting GCSE exams: Tanias Story

How often do we hear about students not being happy with their GCSE results? How often are they prevented from following the academic path they dream of because of not achieving the grades they need? 

Today’s story is the success story of Tania, a GCSE student who, after failing to achieve the results that would have allowed to access A-Levels, joined EIC on a GCSE Intensive Course with the aim of successfully re-sitting GCSE exams and raising her grades. 

Tania, thanks for joining the interview today. You have just completed the third Maths paper today (Monday). How did it go? And how do you feel overall about the exams?

I was very nervous, but I think today’s exam was ok. I believe that, overall, all my exams this year are going rather well, although I have been nervous about all of them. 

What exams are you taking this year?

I am taking English Language, Maths, French and Spanish. Next year I also want to resit my Science Exams. 

It seems that your academic course has been completely designed on you, your needs and your pace. Am I right?

Yes, it definitely is. This College has given me the possibility to decide how to organize my course. This is allowing me to really focus on the subjects that I’m taking this year and make sure I take the time I need to achieve better grades.

Everything is much more tailored to me as an individual. 

What was not working for you at your previous school?

I was not entirely happy there and I did not perform well. There have been some bullying episodes in the past that did not make me feel comfortable. It seems like a long time ago now.

What is EIC doing differently that is allowing you to grow and achieve confidence and perform at the best of your ability?

First of all, everyone is welcoming here and the atmosphere is completely different to what I was used to. Ealing Independent College is more inclusive and there is no discrimination here. 

But the feedback I always receive from teachers is what helps the most. Every month we get something called “Months Marks”, that tells us exactly where we are academically and what our predicted grades are. This also gives me motivation to improve and clearly know what I can do better for the next Months Marks. 

It really seems that the system of Months Marks and feedback has really pushed you forward and it is lovely to see. What’s your plan after GCSE resits?

I would like to continue with A-Levels here at EIC, and then go to University. I am not sure whether I will study modern foreign languages or Maths. 

We are sure that you will be successful, whichever path you decide to take. We wish you all the best for the rest of your exams, Tania! 

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