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Year 9 Student Work - A Taste of Things to Come?

23 Mar 2016

As part of our Easter Mock Exams, which took place 17th-23th March, all year groups were set tests to see what they had learned throughout the year and what they should be aiming for in their GCSEs or A Levels.

Sara, one of our Year 9 students, performed extremely well in the writing element of her English GCSE Mock Exam in response to the food based task. Her work was given a score of 98% (A*)  and we would like to share this with you to show the kind of response that we love to see at the College.

GCSE Mock Exam 2016 – Sara, Year 9

The Task
"Write about an experience in which food played an important role."

On the first Monday of April, we all gathered on this extraordinary day to see the fountain of delight. I saw it was just below the golden, diamond-like lights. They glowed throughout the room, their rays dancing around like fairies. The room had a suffocating smell of the rich goodness coming from the fountain. The fountain was surrounded by berries and fresh nuts that were as soft as silk. I move my vision to the elegant glass walls, not a fingerprint or stain could be seen. They hug the room with fitted arms, long and wide, giving a clear view of the night’s sky that was accompanied by the bright, singing stars.

I finally decide to take a peek of the fountain. The smooth brown liquid carefully drips down the levels, supposedly made of clear metal. However the metal levels were hidden by the glistening maroon river. Children surrounded the fountain and you could hear their angelic voices of joy as they drank and eat from the well like mocking jays in a water bath. The sound of a running stream could be heard from the fountain and now not only could you smell the rich scent of this dessert but you could also smell the expensive perfume of the ladies and gentleman as they all pile in to have a look at this magnificent sight.

By now everyone and everything in the room was shining. From the red, ripe skin of the apples and berries to the very diamond earrings upon the mistresses’ ears. Even the children’s eyes were glistening in lust as they smell the swirling scent that bulleted across the room. The smell was so strong you almost  feel your taste buds gliding in joy as the sugar delight hits them. I watch as the eager faces edge closer and closer to the fountain. I too start to tip-toe across the marble floor until I come within touching distance of the foundation.

I shakily reach forward, stretching my arm to its full length, and touch the silky liquid. The hunger clearly visible on my face as the velvet liquid slides down my hand. I rub my fingers together, feeling the soft texture upon my hand. Deciding it is time to end my hunger I reach for the pure, white, marble bowls with golden detailing, and pour a generous amount of the treasure. I take a comfortable seat next to the glass walls and set my bowl on the cotton covered table.

I snatch the correct silverware; a golden spoon with an engraving of the fountain. Dipping it in the bowl, I scoop until the spoon is filled and excess liquid drips from the sides. The drips were soft and gentle carefully returning to the bowl, making no mess whatsoever. The thick dessert swirls around in my spoon like a couple of playful seahorses. I lean forward and bring the rich goodness to my eager lips. Taking a deep breath I slightly open my mouth and pour the delight in. It was as if there was a festival, my taste buds danced and played vigorously as sugar swayed in my mouth. It was beautifully made. Thick, but not too thick with just the right amount of sugar and milk. The expensive cocoa butter could definitely be tasted. The texture was soft as the flavours exploded like fireworks in my mouth. It truly was the fountain of delight, even the immature children were being careful with this fragile liquid. What better dessert is there? I open my eyes and stare at the delicious liquid; chocolate.  

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