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Y12 student gains work experience at international oil and gas company

18 Jul 2018

A-Level students at Ealing Independent College are continously encouraged to gain work experience and build their portfolio ahead of their university applications. Our Year 12 student, Roshni, was lucky enough to gain work experience this summer at an international oil and gas company called Nexen Petroleum. Here she shares her thoughts on the experience:

"My work experience at Nexen Petroleum gave me an insight of what it was like to work with an oil company. I was able to use the software Petrel which the geophysicists and geologists use on a day to day basis; even though they were complicated I was able to get a grip of the basics of Petrel and to see how this would help the company find any oil and gas, both onshore and offshore.

I had also used ArcGIS which is a software used to create and analyse spatial data. I had created a basemap of the North Sea, so I put different layers onto the map to show different data such as oil fields and tectonic plates.

A week of work experience at Nexen had helped me decide what I would like to do after university and what the best courses were; I was able to speak to different people at the company who had taken different routes to get to where they are now and they were able to advise me on what was best for me to do."

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