Government (DfE) School League Tables 2014

29 Jan 2015

A great deal of controversy surrounds this year’s Schools’ Performance Tables.

The main areas of contention concern the GCSE Tables.

At GCSE, Ealing Independent College has regularly outperformed its competitors both in the state and independent sector. In the 2014 tables the College is shown to have 10% of the cohort securing 5A*-C grades (including Maths and English). The reason for this lowly result is because some of the IGCSE results were not counted into the statistics. In previous years, these qualifications counted. Had theses qualifications counted our GCSE students would have achieved 80% A*-C grades. Many top Independent schools like Ealing Independent College have appeared to have performed less well this year for this reason.


Percentage  achieving at least   5A*-C including Maths and English 2011 2012 2013 2014
Ealing Independent College 83% 70% 63% 10% (80%*)
Local Authority 57.3% 57.7% 60.9% 59.8%
England  - all schools 59.0% 59.4% 59.2% 53.4%

* = value that would have been achieved had previous years’ criteria been used.

At A-level, Ealing Independent College has performed outstandingly well alongside its main competitors in the Independent Sixth Form College sector. Its Value Added Score is amongst the top performers and is well ahead of many of the Schools in this sector. It is very alarming to see that some parents are paying for private education where the Value Added Scores are very low or even negative. It is also worth noting that many of the central London colleges in the Table charge fees well in excess of ours. A negative Value Added Score means that the students performed less well than expected on a national scale. The Average Points Score per A-level Entry of 223.5 is also excellent for a non-selective school and again places the College amongst the top performers in the sector. A score of 223.5 means that the average A-level grade was a low B grade or a high C grade.


School Average points score per A-level entry %  of students achieving AAB or better Value added score
Ealing Independent College 223.5 14% +0.25
Mander Portman Woodward 229.0 15% +0.25
Collingham 217.2 13% +0.03
David Game College 216.2 10% +0.03
Lansdowne College 216.7 11% +0.04
Acorn College Southall 213.3 17% +0.30
Chelsea Independent 208.6 7% -0.05
Regent College Harrow 200.9 9% -0.04
Bales College 87.8 0% -0.57

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