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Ealing Independent College Contributes to Bellevue’s Collaborative Learning Days

23 Mar 2018

On Friday 9 March, Bellevue Education hosted the group's first Maths Collaborative Learning Day aimed at children in Year 5 and 6 at the Bellevue preparatory schools. The day was organised as part of the group's commitment to offering unique learning experiences to pupils within the Bellevue group, and collaborative days have and will be hosted in English, Maths, Science and Computer Science for the schools' Able, Gifted and Talented pupils throughout the Spring and Summer Term. For the Maths day, Adrian Winiecki, our Head of Engineering (Physics and Mathematics) at Ealing Independent College, was invited to contribute and provide his expertise for the day. As the only senior school in the UK within the group, the teachers of the College provide an in-depth expertise within their subjects that the group's Academic Director, Samantha Selby, thought the preparatory schools' exceptionally gifted pupils could benefit from. 

"Having Adrian on board with the Maths Collaborative Learning Day added a valuable dimension; because he is used to working with older children, he had a different perspective on how we could approach some of the learning and trickier concepts, which was really beneficial to the children. Adrian's rapport with the pupils on the day and how he was able to bring Fibbonacci, Phi and the Golden Ratio alive for them and into everyday learning was something that they used later on in the day in their learning and was done in such a way that I am sure they will remember it long after they have left their preparatory education", Sam commented. 

Adrian had designed a session with two main goals; one to stretch the mathematical ability of the pupils, but primarily to nurture a passion for mathematics within the pupils: "It's for that reason why Fibonacci was such a great choice. If you think of a time well before Facebook when humanity had not yet made its mark on the world, we knew very little. Mankind in those days must have searched for an answer as to why the world was so. When searching deeply they would have found the Fibonacci pattern repeatedly pop up, from the nautilus shell to the angle between one leaf and the next, the Fibonacci ratio was so prevalent it could not be ignored and as a result that is possibly why it is so often referenced in religion and has become the blueprint of art and architecture over the centuries. I felt helping the pupils to discover this link was the most powerful aspect of the day. Then applying that to the modern world using an architectural CAD program was quite exciting for them."

Adrian is delighted with how the day turned out: "What was especially wonderful was that it was the first maths event that I've been involved in where every child was actually fully engaged for the whole day. Also showing them that maths did not evolve into its modern form just so that we have have something to teach children, but that it was the language that helped us discover the world."

Our Head of Phsycics, Ashkan Ajeer, is due to contribute to the upcoming Bellevue Science Day in the Summer Term. 

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