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DfE League Tables (A-Level) 2012: The College’s Best Year Ever

24 Jan 2013

The DfE League tables for A-levels have been released. The College's best year ever! ranking with some of the top independent schools

School/College name% of KS5 students achieving 3 A levels at AAB in   facilitating subjects% of KS5 students achieving 3 or more A levels at% of KS5 students achieving 2 or more A levels atAverage point score per A level studentAverage point score per A level entry
The John Lyon School26%100%100%882.7247.3
St Benedict's School16%94%100%845.1237.5
Heathfield School for Girls14%100%100%839.2234.2
The London Oratory School18%97%100%851.5234.2
Ealing Independent College13%90%100%819.2234.1
The Harrodian School16%95%100%815.5232.5
Mander Portman Woodward School11%78%93%736.5227.2
Duff Miller College14%89%97%748.8226.1
St Dominic's Sixth Form College18%95%97%942.5226
Gunnersbury Catholic School7%77%78%784.7225.8
Chelsea Independent College14%89%95%752.8225.5
The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School10%98%100%808.2220.2
The Green School4%74%89%693215.4
Lansdowne   College3%63%83%596.3214.9
Drayton Manor High School19%89%99%829.3212.5
Greenford High School4%71%86%659209.4
The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls6%77%94%672.5205.1
Guru Nanak Sikh Voluntary Aided Secondary   School3%80%83%753203.5
Brentside High School8%72%90%671.1203.4
Regent   College4%88%100%655201.5
Wentworth Tutorial College0%78%89%634.2196.8
Richmond-upon-Thames College2%53%63%661.3194.3
Villiers High School5%65%85%624.2193.7
William Morris Sixth Form2%50%67%543.9183.2
Acorn Independent College9%79%91%666.8181.9
Kingston College0%12%16%568.8181.8
Ealing, Hammersmith and West London   College1%26%34%571.3179.7
Bales College8%42%75%497.5157.1

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