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20 Nov 2018

Another year has started at Ealing Independent College and with this brings new beginnings for both staff and students. It makes the first few weeks very busy indeed for both Personal Tutors and the Teachers, but I am pleased to say it has been a good first term at the College.  

Getting to know the new students at the start always takes some time, but it is important to know the background picture of each individual, personal ambitions and future academic goals. For this reason, we devoted more time to the Induction Programme early in September which was centred around meetings in ‘Form Groups’ rather than ‘Teaching Groups’.

The Personal Tutor works with members of his/her Form to ensure that each student reaches their potential by opening up important channels of communication. This year, we have increased the amount of ‘form time’ in the week to ensure that the relationship between the student and Personal Tutor is even stronger so that the right dialogue is set up between the students, parents and the College. There has to be strong relationships between student and parents, parents and the College and students and the College to ensure that the student is properly supported both pastorally and academically. Information has to flow easily between all parties to avoid surprises or serious disappointments down the line.

In addition to bolstering the pastoral system in the College, we have consciously raised the profile of extra-curricular activities. There are more activities running this year than ever before. They fall into four categories of development: Cultural, Personal, Physical and Academic. The Metaphysics/Folklore Society, Charities Society, Football Club and the Debating Society are examples on offer from each category; there are no fewer than fourteen societies/clubs that are up and running already.

A good school is a busy school. I am very conscious that the College is busier than ever.

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