Exam results roll of honour for the academic year 2016-2017.

A Level examination results

Ealing Independent College is celebrating another tremendously successful year with some outstanding individual A-Level student performances, cementing its position as a leading independent college in West London. The strong exam results achieved is in spite of the changes to A-Level exams, with both legacy and reformed courses running this year, putting more pressure on both students and teachers. In line with last year, 15% of the grades awarded were A*/A, with well over 50% of total grades were A*/B. The overall pass rate at the College remains at 99.3%, well above the national average.

There were some particularly strong student performances in Chemistry, 22% of the students achieving A*/A, in addition to Mathematics with 24% achieving A*A, and 27% achieving A*/A in Economics.  In these three subjects, 70% of all the grades awarded were A*/B. Arina from Russia, gained her desired A* in Mathematics, in addition to B’s in Economics and Further Mathematics, and is delighted to be going to Exeter University in September to do a joint degree in Mathematics and Economics. “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at EIC, and am so thankful for all the support and guidance from my teachers.”  

Principal Dr Ian Moores said: “I am delighted that the College has produced another year of exceptional A-Level results. The College shows consistently strong results year on year, which I believe is due to the approach we take and the learning environment we provide here. Many students who join us with low grades from former schools have left with results they could only have dreamed about. We have successfully navigated the new linear examination system this year to deliver a remarkable value added score overall. The staff and students should be very proud of this achievement.”

For full details of our examination results (A Level and GCSE), including a subject by subject breakdown, please email the College directly.

In January this year, EIC was announced as being amongst the top 35 schools in the country for securing strong academic progress for students, with a value added score of +0.60.


Helping students improve their grades and reach their true potential is something the College takes great pride in, and there were some truly remarkable stories this year.

Oscar joined the College with DDE grades from his former school, and achieved ABB grades at EIC after a one year intensive A-level course. He will be studying Biology at University of Manchester this September. 

Thomas joined the College with BDD grades from his former school at AS Level. He achieved A*A*A* in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. Thomas says: “I want to thank the College and Dr Moores for all of the support and guiding influence throughout the year. It has been an honour and a pleasure to be a part of the College. Words cannot express the thanks I owe everyone at EIC.” 

Ben had underperformed at his previous school at A-Level. After his year at EIC he improved by 5 grades overall and is now able to study Geography at Cardiff University. 

Some of the EIC A-Level High Flyers 2017:

  • Thomas: A*A*A* in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics
  • Sebastian: A*AA in Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry
  • Mohamed: A*ABB in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science
  • Harry: A*AB in English Literature, History and Mathematics
  • Jamie: AABB in Biology, Government & Politics, Chemistry and Mathematics
  • Tri (international student, sat all his A-Levels one year early): AABB in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics
  • Jonathan: AAB in Economics, Mathematics and Government & Politics
  • Daniil (international student): AABC in Mathematics, Russian, Chemistry and Physics
  • Arina (international student): A*BB in Mathematics, Economics and Further Mathematics
  • Anab: ABB in Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry
  • Oscar: ABB in Economics, Biology and Chemistry

GCSE examination results

This year’s GCSE results have shown strong improvement, with 77% of students achieving at least 5A*-C grades including English and Maths or grade 4 and above in the new specifications, Mathematics and English Language and Literature. The nation A*-C pass rate in England this year was 66.6%. The value which the College has added to the results of students who enrolled in the College to improve their existing grades from previous schools has been especially pleasing this year, with some students enjoying substantial grade enhancement in the subjects which they have retaken.

Amongst the Year 11 cohort, there were some wonderful individual performances, detailed below:

Sara scored an incredible 3 A*s across the sciences, 2 8 grades in English Language and Literature (the equivalent to A*), alongside a 7 grade in Maths (equivalent to an A grade), and an A in History. She also scored a B grade in French. Considering the fact that Sara was sitting these exams one year early, on an accelerated programme, her results are truly outstanding.

Maya also performed with distinction, scoring four A* grades in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and History, an 8 in English Language and a 7 in English Literature (A*A). She also scored a 6 in Maths (B) and a B grade in French. Maya’s hard work and dedication through her time at the College ensured that she has achieved the results which she deserved.

Jay, also sitting his GCSE exams a year early through our accelerated programme, secured an excellent performance. A* grades were achieved in Biology and Chemistry, along with an A in Physics. Jay was awarded a 7 grade in Maths (A), and two sixes in English Language and Literature (B), along with B grades in French and Geography to go with the B grade he achieved in History, which he sat two years early.

Sarah was another star performer in terms of her GCSE grades. She attained three A* grades in Biology, Chemistry and Chinese, an A grade in History and a grade 7 in Maths (A). She also scored a B grade in Physics and a combination of grade 6 and 5 in English Language and Literature (BC+). Sarah joined the College from Malaysia in January 2016, and therefore undertook the GCSE course in one and a half years, as opposed to two full years, making this a superb achievement.

Chiharu came to the College in September 2016 with the intention of sitting GCSEs in Maths and the Sciences, whilst improving her level of English through our robust EFL programme. Chiharu’s effort and aptitude throughout the year was exemplary, and she was invited to attend AS classes in the sciences to develop her incredible potential in these areas. It came as no surprise to see Chiharu attain four A* grades.

As well as a fantastic performance from our Year 11 students, many students embarked on a one-year intensive GCSE course with the intention of improving on disappointing performances in their former schools.

There were some real stand-out success stories this year:

Lina took disappointing grades, achieved at a local secondary school, of ABBCC to a far more impressive A*A*A*AB, with a grade enhancement of 7 across five subjects. She is now in a strong position to move on to A levels and has a renewed sense of confidence.

Matthew sat his GCSEs in 2016 at an Independent School in Essex and enjoyed a huge advancement in grades with the College. He managed to improve the achievement of BCCCD last academic year to A*AABB, therefore enhancing his results profile by 9 grades.

Hasan is another student who enjoyed a 9 grade enhancement, this time across 6 subjects. He came to us from a local state school having underperformed at GCSE, attaining CCCEE there. This year, he managed to lift his results to AABBCC, with some tremendous results in Maths and the sciences.

Ahmed also benefitted from the small classes and rigorous monitoring programme which the College embeds within the academic process of the institution. Ahmed improved upon his past performance of CDDDE, attaining a creditable BBBBBC in his subjects, and therefore enjoying a substantial grade enhancement of 9.

Ramone thrived under the closer monitoring which the College provides. He also improved his outcomes by 9 across five subjects, taking a disappointing CDDDD in 2016 to BBBBB in 2017.

Zak is another student who arrived at the College having performed disappointingly in 2016 with a local state school. There, he achieved hugely disappointing scores of DDDDE across the five subjects which he chose to retake. Zak emerged with BBBCC, again enjoying a very strong grade enhancement.

Abdullah enjoyed the most impressive grade enhancement which the College saw this year. Having come here from an international school in Singapore, he lifted poor grades in Maths, English Literature, single Science and History (UFED) to an impressive BBBCCC, taking all three sciences separately in the process, and making a 14 grade enhancement.

For full details of our examination results (A Level and GCSE), including a subject by subject breakdown, please email the College directly.