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Ealing Independent College produces excellent exam results and a strong student progress score year on year. Through our focused study environment and excellent support, students work hard and are encouraged to reach their true potential. It is because of this particular ethos that students are able to go on to their first choice universities and careers. Click on the sections below to view our results bulletin and student performances from recent years. 

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A Level Results Highlights

Ealing Independent College is celebrating another tremendously successful year with some outstanding individual A-Level student performances, cementing its position as a leading independent college in West London. The strong exam results achieved is in spite of the changes to A-Level exams, with both legacy and reformed courses running this year, putting more pressure on both students and teachers. In line with last year, 15% of the grades awarded were A*/A, with well over 50% of total grades were A*/B. The overall pass rate at the College remains at 99.3%, well above the national average.

There were some particularly strong student performances in Chemistry, 22% of the students achieving A*/A, in addition to Mathematics with 24% achieving A*A, and 27% achieving A*/A in Economics.  In these three subjects 70% of all the grades awarded were A*/B. Arina from Russia, gained her desired A* in Mathematics, in addition to B’s in Economics and Further Mathematics, and is delighted to be going to Exeter University in September to do a joint degree in Mathematics and Economics. “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at EIC, and am so thankful for all the support and guidance from my teachers.”  

Principal Dr Ian Moores said: “I am delighted that the College has produced another year of exceptional A-Level results. The College shows consistently strong results year on year, which I believe is due to the approach we take and the learning environment we provide here. Many students who join us with low grades from former schools have left with results they could only have dreamed about. A great example this year is Rajan who joined two years ago with three U grades at AS from another independent sixth form college in Bayswater, and has now left with AAB at A-Level, enabling him to gain a place at his first choice university, Queen Mary University London. There are many other stories like his at EIC. We have successfully navigated the new linear examination system this year to deliver a remarkable value added score overall. The staff and students should be very proud of this achievement.”

In January this year, EIC was announced as being amongst the top 35 schools in the country for securing strong academic progress for students, with a value added score of +0.60. Helping students improve their grades and reach their true potential is something the College takes great pride in, and there were some truly remarkable stories this year.

Oscar joined the College with DDE grades from his former school, and achieved ABB grades at EIC after a one year intensive A-level course. He will be studying Biology at University of Manchester this September. 

Thomas joined the College with BDD grades from his former school at AS Level. He achieved A*A*A* in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. Thomas says: “I want to thank the College and Dr Moores for all of the support and guiding influence throughout the year. It has been an honour and a pleasure to be a part of the College. Words cannot express the thanks I owe everyone at EIC.” 

Ben had underperformed at his previous school at A-Level. After his year at EIC he improved by 5 grades overall and is now able to study Geography at Cardiff University. 

Some of the EIC A-Level High Flyers 2017:

  • Thomas: A*A*A* in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics
  • Sebastian: A*AA in Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry
  • Mohamed: A*ABB in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science
  • Harry: A*AB in English Literature, History and Mathematics
  • Jamie: AABB in Biology, Government & Politics, Chemistry and Mathematics
  • Tri (international student, sat all his A-Levels one year early): AABB in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics
  • Jonathan: AAB in Economics, Mathematics and Government & Politics
  • Rajhan: AAB in Economics, Psychology and Business
  • Daniil (international student): AABC in Mathematics, Russian, Chemistry and Physics
  • Arina (international student): A*BB in Mathematics, Economics and Further Mathematics
  • Anab: ABB in Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry
  • Oscar: ABB in Economics, Biology and Chemistry

GCSE Results Highlights

This year’s GCSE results have shown strong improvement amongts our students, with 77% achieving at least 5A*-C grades including English and Maths or grade 4 and above in the new specifications, Mathematics and English Language and Literature. The national A*-C pass rate in England this year was 66.6%. The value which the College has added to the results of students who enrolled to improve their existing grades from previous schools has been especially pleasing this year, with some students enjoying substantial grade enhancement in the subjects which they have retaken.

Principal of Ealing Independent College, Dr Ian Moores, said: "I am delighted with another successful year for our GCSE students. There are some remarkable success stories both from our retake students and year 11." 

Amongst the Year 11 cohort, there were some wonderful individual performances, detailed below: 

Sara scored an incredible 3 A*s across the sciences, 2 8 grades in English Language and Literature (the equivalent to A*), alongside a 7 grade in Maths (equivalent to an A grade), and an A in History. She also scored a B grade in French. Considering the fact that Sara was sitting these exams one year early, on an accelerated programme, her results are truly outstanding.

Maya also performed with distinction, scoring four A* grades in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and History, an 8 in English Language and a 7 in English Literature (A*A). She also scored a 6 in Maths (B) and a B grade in French. Maya’s hard work and dedication through her time at the College ensured that she has achieved the results which she deserved.

Director of Studies, Allan Cairns, could not be more proud of Sara and Maya and their excellent GCSE results. 

Jay, also sitting his GCSE exams a year early through our accelerated programme, secured an excellent performance. A* grades were achieved in Biology and Chemistry, along with an A in Physics. Jay was awarded a 7 grade in Maths (A), and two sixes in English Language and Literature (B), along with B grades in French and Geography to go with the B grade he achieved in History, which he sat two years early.

Jay picked up his results with his parents, and Principal, Dr Ian Moores, was there to personally congratulate them. 

Sarah (international student, Malaysia) was another star performer in terms of her GCSE grades. She attained three A* grades in Biology, Chemistry and Chinese, an A grade in History and a grade 7 in Maths (A). She also scored a B grade in Physics, and a combination of grade 6 and 5 in English Language and Literature (BC+). Sarah joined the College from Malaysia in January 2016, and therefore undertook the GCSE course in one and a half years, as opposed to two full years, making this a superb achievement.

Chiharu (international student, Japan) came to the College in September 2016 with the intention of sitting GCSEs in Maths and the Sciences, whilst improving her level of English through our robust EFL programme. Chiharu’s effort and aptitude throughout the year was exemplary, and she was invited to attend AS classes in the sciences to develop her incredible potential in these areas. It came as no surprise to see Chiharu attain four A* grades. 

Chiharu picked up her results together with her friend Candela who also performed really well on her exams. 

As well as a fantastic performance from our Year 11 students, many students embarked on a one-year intensive GCSE course with the intention of improving on disappointing performances in their former schools.

There were some real stand-out success stories this year:

Lina took disappointing grades, achieved at a local secondary school, of ABBCC to a far more impressive A*A*A*AB, with a grade enhancement of 7 across five subjects. She is now in a strong position to move on to A Levels, and has renewed sense of confidence.

Matthew sat his GCSEs in 2016 at an Independent School in Essex, and enjoyed a huge advancement in grades with the College. He managed to improve the achievement of BCCCD last academic year to A*AABB, therefore enhancing his results profile by 9 grades.

Matthew was delighted to pick up his results this morning with his parents. 

Hasan is another student who enjoyed a 9 grade enhancement, this time across 6 subjects. He came to us from a local state school having underperformed at GCSE, attaining CCCEE there. This year, he managed to lift his results to AABBCC, with some tremendous results in Maths and the sciences.

Ahmed also benefitted from the small classes and rigorous monitoring programme which the College embeds within the academic process of the institution. Ahmed improved upon his past performance of CDDDE, attaining a creditable BBBBBC in his subjects, and therefore enjoying a substantial grade enhancement of 9.

Ramone thrived under the closer monitoring which the College provides. He also improved his outcomes by 9 across five subjects, taking a disappointing CDDDD in 2016 to BBBBB in 2017.

Zak is another student who arrived at the College having performed disappointingly in 2016 with a local state school. There, he achieved hugely disappointing scores of DDDDE across the five subjects which he chose to retake. Zak emerged with BBBCC, again enjoying a very strong grade enhancement.

Zak couldn't be more please with his results. 

Abdullah enjoyed the most impressive grade enhancement which the College saw this year. Having come here from an international school in Singapore, he lifted poor grades in Maths, English Literature, single Science and History (UFED) to an impressive BBBCCC, taking all three sciences separately in the process, and making a 14 grade enhancement.

A-Level Results Highlights 

Overall the A-level results were strong again across the College. Almost two thirds of grades awarded were B or better which compares well with 2015. The consistency of the strong A-level results that the College achieves year on year is now a hallmark and inspires our students with confidence and places the College amongst the leaders of Colleges of this type in London.

21% of all students achieved AAB or better which places the College among the top performers of colleges of this type in central and West London when the league tables are announced in January 2017.

The top 6 students were:

  • Mohamed: A*A*AA  will read Finance at LSE (A*s in Chemistry and Mathematics)
  • Hamze: A*A*A will study Chemical Engineering at UCL
  • Ben: A*A*A  will study  Chemistry at Bristol(A* in Chemistry)
  • Malcolm: AAA will study Banking and International Finance
  • Haya: A*AA will read Medicine in September 2017
  • Michelle T: AAA will read Biomedical Science at Newcastle

44% of the grades awarded in Chemistry were A* or A. These are exceptional statistics and well ahead of the national average; the very top independent schools in the country would be pleased with these results. Biology also achieved 70% A*/B which is tremendous. Government and Politics results were very strong with 75% A*/B grades.

Students who re-sat their A-levels performed particularly well. Some of these include:

  • Sebastian re-sat Mathematics and Biology and achieved a 7 grade enhancement - DD to A*A. The A* was in Biology
  • Michelle achieved a 6 grade enhancement in two subjects to AB, taking Chemistry up from an E to an A
  • Manveen moved from UE to CC in Chemistry and Biology
  • Andre scored AAB after a 4 grade enhancement
  • Michelle P achieved a 4 grade enhancement (CD to BA) the D to A was in Chemistry

GCSE Results Highlights 

This year’s GCSE results have again been strong, with 67% of students achieving at least 5A*-C grades. The College has always managed to secure strong GCSE results, and this year is no exception. The value which the College has added to the results of students who enrolled in the College to improve their existing grades from previous schools is particularly pleasing this year, with our rigorous approach to monitoring and assessment proving very successful. 49% of all grades awarded were A*-B this year.

Amongst the Year 11 cohort, there were some tremendous individual performances, detailed below:

Hannah has performed incredibly well this year, obtaining 3 A* grades, 3 As and 2 B grades in her GCSE examinations. These achievements are even more impressive when it is considered that Hannah only joined the College in September of this Academic year, after having studied for the last year in Kerala in India. Hannah has shown that dedication, hard work and a faultless attendance record can lead to excellence across the subjects. Hannah managed to attain an A in Religious Studies, and she did so almost independently.

Riyal also excelled, attaining an outstanding 4 A* grades and two As. Again, this performance is superb, particularly when one takes into account the fact that she postponed her studies during the last academic year. She performed particularly well in Maths and all three Sciences, gaining A* grades.

Solomon joined the College from Drayton Manor School in September 2015, where he felt that he was underachieving. Solomon excelled this academic year however, managing to attain 3 A grades, 3 B grades and a C grade in his GCSEs.

Iman has thrived in the encouraging environment of the College. Having joined last summer from South Africa, she achieved an A grades in Biology and English Literature, B grades in History, Art and English Language and a C grade in Maths. Iman’s art work this year has been extremely praiseworthy, and the C grade in Maths was a real challenge for her, as she has always found the subject extremely difficult.

As well as a fantastic performance from our Year 11 students, many students embarked on a one-year intensive GCSE course with the intention of improving on disappointing performances in their former schools. There were some real stand-out success stories this year:

Rehab arrived at the school in September 2015, having achieved some disappointing GCSE results (BCCDE). Through self-discipline, rigour and conscientious studying habits, she was able to lift her GCSE grades to three A* grades in Maths, Biology and Chemistry, one B grade and a C.

Nilufar also joined the College with the intention of raising her existing grades from the Ark Academy in Wembley, which she was not happy with. She took them from BBCCC up to A*A*ABBB, which has greatly improved her options for A Level study.

Serafina is another student who has managed to put past disappointments of underwhelming GCSE grades behind her. She managed to transform BBDD grades in her previous GCSE examinations into A*ABBCC this time around.

Jaspreet, previously at Guru Nanak Sikh Academy, came to Ealing with the intention of improving her disappointing grades in the core subjects from 2015, where she attained CDCC in Maths, English and Double Science. She has managed to attain an excellent improvement of ABBBB in English, Maths and now Triple Science.

The College also caters for students who want to make grade improvements in a small number of subjects. Yuka was unhappy with previous grades in English Language, Literature and Maths. She managed to increase them from BCD to AAC. Thomas came to the College in September 2015 from Cardinal Vaughan, having attained, amongst other results, CCDE in Maths, English Language and Literature and History. He raised his grades in these subjects to BBCC.

The results show the College’s unique approach to monitoring and assessment, along with the outstanding quality of teaching has led to tremendous achievement.

A Level Results Highlights

Students at Ealing Independent College are celebrating today, as the College has produced its best A-Level results ever. Whilst the number of top-grade students has dropped nationally this year, Ealing Independent College has achieved excellent result with as many as 34% of the grades awarded being A*/A, and 69% of the grades awarded being A*/B.

In Chemistry and Biology the percentage of students achieving A*/A =45% and in the same subjects the percentage of students achieving A*/B= 80%

The A-Level results will give Ealing Independent College a very strong average points score per A-level entry when the DfE performance tables are published in January. Parents and students should only take performance and statistics concerning examination results from the DfE performance tables when comparing schools. Statistics produced by other bodies can be misleading and often use criteria that do not fairly compare schools.

Principal, Dr Ian Moores, said, “I am delighted to report that it has been an exceptional year for our A-Level students. My dedicated staff, the industry of the students, and the approach that we take at the College enabled students to reach their goals and in many cases surpass all expectations. A third of the grades achieved were A*/A – a truly outstanding achievement.”

This will give the College a very strong average points score per A-level entry and will undoubtedly place the College highly in the DfE Performance Tables.

25% of the students achieved AAB or better, and there were many exceptional individual performances, some of which are highlighted below.

Ali - joined the College for an intensive one year GCSE course after a disappointing performance at a local state school. He achieved outstanding GCSE grades with us after one year and was awarded a scholarship for the sixth form. Ali obtained AAB in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics and will now read PHARMACY at UCL.

Fatema - joined the College for Year 11 GCSE having been educated overseas previously at an international school. At the end of year 11 she secured 4A*, 2A and 2 B grades. Having now completed two years of A-levels she has obtained A*AAB in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics respectively and will now go on to read BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE at Queen Mary, University of London.

Emily - joined the College in 2012 to complete her GCSE studies. In the summer of 2013 she produced a good set of GCSE grades (3A and 5B grades). This summer, after two years of A-level study, Emily has achieved tremendous results – AAB in Economics, Psychology, and Sociology. Emily will now readL PSYCHOLOGY at her first choice - East Anglia University.

Natalie - joined the AS year at the College three months late, having been educated in Kenya previously. At the end of her AS year, she obtained A grades in all her AS subjects. She has now completed her A2 year with AAAA in Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Psychology. Natalie will now read ACTUARIAL SCIENCE at LSE.

Thomas - joined the College for a traditional two year A-level course, having studied at a local independent school for GCSE.  Thomas has now secured AAA in Chemistry, Economics and Mathematics and will start his university education at LSE in October.

Faris - completed his GCSEs at a local independent school and then joined the College for his A-level studies. His GCSE results were only modest and so to achieve AAB at A-level this summer in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics represents very good value added. Faris will now read AEROSPACE ENGINEERING at Manchester University.

Matthew - joined the College for a third year of A-level study. He followed an intensive History A-level and re-sat some units in Psychology. Matthew obtained A* and A in Psychology and History respectively. Matthew will now read PSYCHOLOGY at Surrey University.

Reem - also joined the College for a third year of A-level study. She studied Chemistry and Mathematics for the year and achieved two A grades. Reem will now go on to study BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES at Queen Mary University of London.

Jude - achieved A*A*AA last year in his A-levels at the College and decided to reapply this year to read Medicine at university. Jude has now secured a place at Queen’s University Belfast to read MEDICINE

My Linh - joined the College as an international student from Vietnam on a Tier 4 visa in September 2013 for a two year A-level programme. My Linh has achieved A*AA in Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Computing. She was offered a place at LSE but has preferred to accept a place to read MATHEMATICS at UCL.

Simran - studied for A-levels at Langley Grammar School and obtained a U and a D in Chemistry and Mathematics respectively. After one year at the College Simran raised these to BB grades. This represents a four grade enhancement in Chemistry and a two grade enhancement in Mathematics. Simran will now be able to read CHEMICAL ENGINEERING at Aston University.

Mohamed - joined the College for two years of A-level study having obtained very modest grades at GCSE from a local state school including a D grade in English language and only a B grade in Additional Science.  Mohamed found the first year of AS tough and obtained four B grades. But in this final year of A2, Mohamed has excelled to achieve A*A*A in Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology respectively. Mohamed will now read INVESTMENT and FINANCE at City University.

GCSE Results Highlights

Following on from the great A-Level results Ealing Independent College achieved this year, the College’s GCSE results have also equalled the best results ever produced with, 83% of students achieving 5A*-C grades including English and Mathematics - this is 20% ahead of the national average. Whilst the College has always managed to secure strong GCSE results, particularly when viewed in comparison to other Colleges in West London, the improvement this academic year is particularly pleasing as top grades are down on a national basis.  

Principal, Dr Ian Moores, said, “Despite the national picture of fewer top grades at A-Level and GCSE, the College has produced outstanding results with more students than ever achieving A* grades. I am delighted for the students and grateful to the committed staff." 

Amongst the Year 11 cohort, there were some tremendous individual performances, detailed below:

Tri has performed incredibly well this year, obtaining 4 A* grades, 3 As and a B grade in his GCSE examinations. These achievements are even more impressive when it is considered that Tri came to the school in 2013, one week after arriving from Vietnam with limited English skills and that he has also completed his GCSEs one year early, at the age of 15. Tri has shown that dedication, application and a faultless attendance record can lead to excellence across his subjects.

Riya also excelled, attaining an outstanding 2 A* grades, four As and 2 B grades, and in the process, achieving the English Baccalaureate combination of subjects. She performed superbly in English, Maths, obtained A*AA in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Geography and French. Riya, along with Tri, did not drop one mark in her ICT paper 1.

Nikita managed to build on some very strong results this year, having already attained an A* in Maths at the end of year 9, and GCSEs in Spanish and Photography. This year, she achieved 3 A* grades in Biology, Physics and Chemistry, three As in English Language, Literature and Physics, and a B in Geography.

Sean is another example of a student who has made an extremely successful transition from overseas, helped by the welcoming environment of the College. Having left the American Independent School in Taiwan last summer, Sean managed to obtain an A* in Biology, an A in Maths, two Bs and two C grades in a range of subjects.

Likewise, Taylor has thrived in the encouraging environment of the College. Having joined last summer from the Wykeham Collegiate school in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, she achieved an A* in Biology, A in Geography, a B in History and two C grades in Maths and English. What is perhaps most pleasing is the C in Maths. Taylor-Drew had identified the subject as ‘a block’ and had left her former school with grades in the subject below 30%, but the intensive support she received in Maths throughout the year resulted in a remarkable improvement.

As well as a fantastic performance from our Year 11 students, many students embarked on a one-year intensive GCSE course with the intention of improving on disappointing performances in their former schools. Thanks to a greater set of results, these students are now in a far better position to approach further study.

The following students deserve to be commended for their efforts over the academic year:

Juddan arrived at the school in September 2014, having achieved some very disappointing GCSE results (CCCCDDEFG) at Drayton Manor School. Through self-discipline, rigour and conscientious studying habits, he was able to lift his GCSE grades to two A grades in Biology and English, and three Bs in History, Maths and Chemistry. He now intends to study A Levels at the College.

Dirren enrolled at Ealing Independent College having underachieved at his former school. He attained CDDDDEEEF and wanted to give himself a better chance of moving onto higher education. Through an improved attitude and good attendance throughout the year, and at special revision sessions, Dirren was able to improve to A grades in Biology and Chemistry, B grades in Maths and Physics and a C in English.

Strong performance at GCSE provides an excellent foundation for A Level studies and the College is very proud of the results achieved by this year’s GCSE cohort. The results show that a combination of the strong work ethic instilled throughout the College’s learning environment, along with the outstanding quality of teaching has led to tremendous achievement.


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