Ms Nemone Sariman

Head of MFL


Nemone Sariman is Head of Modern Foreign Languages at the College and oversees French, German and Spanish for internal candidates as well as a range of European and non-European language examinations for external candidates. She studied French at Durham University, specialising in French literature, and worked in Marketing after graduating. She began teaching "as a stop-gap, whilst deciding what she really wanted to do" and, 11 years later, she is still teaching after falling in love with the role. Nemone has taught year groups from 6 to 13 and very much enjoys the challenge of taking on new students at Year 10 with a wide variety of French knowledge and experience and seeing them through to GCSE and A Level.

Being a linguist, and having worked as a copywriter and proofreader during her time in Marketing, Nemone is naturally drawn to words, and her favourite part of teaching is encouraging students to play with words, inventing new words and finding creative, fun ways to enhance their vocabulary. She is also an English language pedant, and enjoys spotting printed spelling and grammatical errors and complaining about them to others. Her pet hate is Autocorrect which, she feels, causes the very problems that it is intended to solve.

Nemone is fascinated by ghosts, Hallowe'en and all things spooky, and she loves being able to explore this darker side in the College's Metaphysics and Folklore Club.