Ms Lucilla Nitto

Teacher of Photography


Lucilla Nitto teaches Photography at the college and joined EIC in 2018. She is an award winning architect and photographer, and a Licentiate member of the Royal Photographic Society.

Lucilla holds a degree in Architecture from the University of Naples Federico II and a BTEC in Photography from Kensington and Chelsea College in London, where she earned the highest marks (double Distinction). After her Post Graduate Diploma in Architecture (RIBA II, with Honors) Lucilla worked as an architect in a variety of roles before starting her carrier as a professional Architectural Photographer. Her works were often featured in architectural journals, magazines, and online.

Lucilla has a particular passion for vintage cameras and old photos, and has experience with an extensive range of photographic, lighting, and studio equipment. She also greatly enjoys related media such as visual art, music, and cinema, and co-founded the college's Film Club to share these passions with her students. Lucilla lives in London with her husband and daughter, and enjoys yoga and meditation when she's not behind the camera or in the classroom.