Mr James Thirtle

Teacher of Computer Science


James is the head of Computer Science at the College, as well as the College's timetabler. He started programming as a hobby when he was twelve years old, and has maintained an ongoing interest in the use of technology and its impact on society. He studied Physics as the University of Sheffield, working on practical, theoretical, and computer simulation based projects.

James has worked at Ealing Independent College for over ten years, and in that time has been head of GCSE, exams officer and Senior Teacher.

Before entering teaching James ran an internet start-up company, and he has also run Emotional Intelligence training for a range of skills such as mental wellbeing, emotional robustness and mindfulness. James has always been particularly interested in developing the wider skills of his students, beyond simply course content - how to develop good study skills, maintaining an appropriate perspective on one's own work, managing personal motivation and how to see the subject in the wider context of the changes technology continually brings to society. This hopefully equips students with the resources they need to become even more successful in the future, and keep those successes in line with their own values and goals.