18 August 2022

A Level Results 2022 - A Return to Normality

A Level Results 2022

Online Learning, Google Classroom, virtual lessons, CAGs, TAGs, PE with Joe: our Year 13 students have been through a lot, and their time at EIC drew to a close today with the A Level results.

Several staff were on hand to offer congratulations, guidance, advice and support to the cohort, whose hard work has been reflected in the grades they have achieved and the university offers they have now made good on.

We were able to share in the joy of many Y13 students this morning, interviewed about their results, which, statistically speaking, are extremely strong - and amongst the best the College has produced. 44% of the cohort achieved results of ABB or better, with well over half of all grades being B or above. Most pleasingly, perhaps, is the fact that student results were in almost complete congruence with Easter Mock exam scores - excellent news in that there were no real surprises today, vindicating the rigorous assessment regime at EIC, and also showing that our approach to Teacher Assessed Grades last year was the right one.

Statistics, however, have never been the key aspect as to how the College measures its success. 

It is in the individual stories where we draw most satisfaction, exploring the contextual background of each and every one of the College community and the journey they are on. As a fully inclusive and non-selective College, success appears in many forms for those who come here, and it is a pleasure to share some of their experiences below.

Naoya, a long serving member of the College community, achieved a truly outstanding set of results - A*AA in Mathematics, Economics and Computer Science. Now returning to his native Japan, he will be taking a university course in Politics and Economics there.

Lara, a student who enrolled at EIC in Y9 and has excelled at the College all the way to Y13, is saying goodbye to the Principal, Allan Cairns. Her long-standing ambitions of becoming a doctor remain very much on track.

Taiyo has excelled at the College since joining in 2019, and he showed his momentous potential by obtaining tremendous grades in four A Levels - A*ABB - in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Psychology. He moves on to study Physics at a Russell Group university.

Haboon, also nominated for the Independent Schools Association Lexden Prize this year, due to her wider contribution to the College, achieved AAB in Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry. Now assessing her options, her future is incredibly bright.

Ahmed secured superb grades of ABB in Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry, which will go alongside his A* for an EPQ on the connection between poverty and poor dental hygiene. As the winner of our scholarship competition in 2020, it has been a great source of pride for all at the College to see him succeed, and secure a place to study Chemical Engineering.

Miles came to the College two years ago, distraught at not having been allowed to take A Levels at the school where he completed his GCSEs. Enrolling at the College allowed him to reach the ambitious levels he set for himself, and he fully deserves his ABB grades in Business Studies, Sociology and Psychology, and his place at Exeter University.

Jinwoo was able to successfully craft a blended learning programme at the College with his commitments to the Brentford FC youth team. Having to attend training whilst studying for A Levels can’t have been easy, but Jinwoo made it look that way. Tremendous results have ensured his passage to higher education.

Teaching staff at the College are incredibly proud of this group of students - a group who have not only surpassed the challenges of Covid, but have also done it without letting it have a negative impact on their grades and studies. 

So what next? 

Amongst the most popular destinations of the A Level students of Ealing Independent College are the aforementioned destinations, along with the London based King’s, Queen Mary, UCL, Brunel and Greenwich, alongside Nottingham, Coventry and Hull.

To the class of 2021-2022, we bid a very fond farewell, and wish each and every one of them every success for the future!

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