16 August 2023

Our Student Reflections Part 2

Our Students Reflections part 2

With A Level results due tomorrow, it’s a good time to share the final part of our interview with four Year 13 students who set off for pastures new.

Each of them is about to embark on a hugely significant period of transition to university, independence and adulthood, and here we learn more about how the College has shaped their development over the last four years.

Theo (T), Ludwik (L), Hasan (H) and Yaseen (Y) explain further their views on a range of different aspects of College life at Ealing.


Have there been any times over the last three years that you've found particularly difficult or challenging? How did you get through them?

Y: “Over the last three years, I encountered moments that were challenging, particularly during the COVID lockdown period and the transition to get back to normal post-COVID. However, with the support of my teachers and my Form tutor, and the resources available, I managed to overcome these difficulties. Their guidance and encouragement motivated me to persevere and maintain my academic focus.”

L: “Initially the transition from a State school to EIC, was a little challenging. Having to travel further daily, making new friends, new teaching styles and a different environment each had its ups and downs. As the atmosphere in EIC is so welcoming, I adapted very quickly. Obviously the Covid pandemic had a big effect on my mental wellbeing and education. Now we were isolated from the teachers and friends, learning via a computer screen, initially was quite difficult. Again, I was able to adapt to this type of learning with time. Even so, this was a difficult time for all. EIC made this way of learning easier by trying to maintain an order of normality by having lessons at similar times that I would have had in college. Allowing for interactions during the lesson, just like in a class.

H: “The most challenging part was surely the second year of A levels, its exhausting, mentally taxing, and hard work, and the only real way to get through it is grit, that and the fear of losing out in the future due to not taking the exams seriously enough.”

T: “Yes, but more mentally challenging than actually challenging. During the UCAS process I got 5 rejections after self teaching myself the contents of Further Maths over the summer as well as doing many high level Computer Science courses and projects to be able to apply to those universities. For the first time I went well above and beyond and still got rejected from everywhere, making me feel completely useless. To get through this I had no trick but time. Now I have a university offer which now I genuinely prefer than any of the 5 I got rejected from, although this time was hard, it was useful and gave me a new perspective being that rejection is just redirection.”


What are you hoping for when results come? Which university are you planning on going to?

T: “I’m not too bothered about my results, I believe I got good enough grades to get into York. I’ll be happy with whatever I get.

H: “As for results I just hope to see the fruits of my labour. I would like to make myself and my family proud, for me that is enough. As for Uni, I am taking a gap year to allow myself time to gather experience as well as make money to help fund my university life which I hope to apply for in the coming year.

L: “In the next coming week I am hoping to get my results to be admitted to my chosen university. I Need to get two B's and a C to get into Brunel University to do General Engineering. This would further my education and potentially get a job in which I enjoy. My choices would help and push myself to a successful life.”

Y: “Looking ahead to results day, my anticipation is a mix of excitement and determination. At this point, I'm on the waiting list for two universities, and while the uncertainty adds a certain level of suspense, I'm confident in my aspirations. My target grades of A and A*s reflect my commitment to achieving excellence in my studies. The support I've received from my teachers at EIC and the nurturing environment has been instrumental in setting me on this path. As I await my results, I'm eager to see how my efforts, combined with the backing of the EIC community, will shape my future academic journey.”


Outside of lessons and learning, how have you contributed to life at the College?

Y: “Beyond academics, I've actively contributed to life at the College by participating in extracurricular activities, volunteering, and engaging in student initiatives. These experiences have enriched my overall educational journey. For instance, I've mentored French students and provided emotional support to younger students, further contributing to the College's vibrant community.”

L: “I have been a mentor to students. In year 13, I was involved in the student leadership programme as one of a small number of students selected to assist with the  programme. The programme was designed to help students get more involved in the college. I  have played in the college football team throughout my time at EIC in different positions, even taking over as vice captain on a few occasions. I have been involved in an investment club and an engineering club during my time here. All of these activities have allowed me to broaden my experiences and outlook towards my learning.”

T: “Outside of lessons and learning I have joined the school football team, joined a debate team where we went to Boston and I would also like to believe that I have helped many of my classmates achieve better as I have spent a lot of time helping them revise and teaching them content for the A-levels and also back at GCSEs.”

H: “Outside of the classroom I entered the student council as a regular member quarter way through my second year of GCSEs, I was then promoted to vice president and then co-president during my A levels. I assisted in setting up school events, food bank donations, aiding the school in renovating the student common room as well as being a part of the student mentoring system.”


What do you think might have happened had you not come to EIC?

L: “Ealing has allowed me to improve my grades, consolidate my knowledge and has made me a more rounded person. I have been treated as an adult and allowed to make my own decisions as to how to go forward. If I had stayed in the State system, I feel that I would not have achieved as much as I have at EIC.

Y: “If I had not chosen to attend EIC, my educational journey might have been different. The level of personalised attention, support, and guidance that I received from teachers at EIC was truly unique and played a pivotal role in shaping my academic success and personal growth.”

H: “I do feel as though the quality of education here did allow me to excel, and I hope for that to be translated in my A level results, had I not come here I would have experienced  a more restricting school life without many of the friends I have made in EIC. So, I am grateful for my time in the School; the great experiences there out way the minor inconveniences and irresponsibility I exhibited there.”

T: “The college has helped me in more ways than academically. Although it has helped me majorly in an academic sense, that is not what I am most grateful for. The college has helped me build my character, developing life skills and appreciating the importance of education. Therefore, I believe my character would be far from how it is now if I hadn’t attended college. I truly don’t know where I would be mentally if I didn’t come to Ealing - it helped me to see the point in education.


Whatever happens on Thursday, it’s really important to make clear just how immensely proud we are of all of our students, including these four boys, who have experienced an unprecedented series of challenges during their time at EIC - from lockdown and Covid testing to Teacher Assessed Grades and the scramble for university places. These character building experiences have shaped university-ready young men, who will depart the College with our very best wishes.

Click here for information on A-Level retakes at our college.

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