GCSE Computer Science Resources

Understanding how computing shapes our world and learning the skills necessary to be a part of this digital revolution is vital for everyone. Studying Computer Science is a key pathway for young people to secure their role in a rapidly evolving job market that already demands high levels of computing skill and literacy.

Computer Science at EIC

  • Exam board: Edexcel
  • Exam code: 1CP1
  • Exam as percentage of final grade: 100%
  • Course details

2021 Topics 

Topic 3: Computers 

3.1 - Hardware

The Van Neumann Model 

3.2 - Software

Data Compression Notes

Encryption and Caesar Cypher 

Operating Systems Notes

Storing Files (Bitmap images) Notes 

Utility Software Notes 

Structured and Unstructured Data Notes 

Validation and Testing Notes 

3.3 - Programming and logic 

Basic Introduction to Python

Decomposition and Extraction Notes 

Logic and Logic Circuits Notes 

Programming Constructs Notes 

Programming Languages (Generations and Translations) Notes

Search and Sort Algorithms Notes 

String Manipulation Notes 

Topic 4: Networks 

4.1 Networks 

Cyber Attacks Notes 

Network Security Notes 

Network Topology Notes 

Networks and Protocols Notes