A Level English literature

English Literature is the study of drama, prose and poetry.

Over the year, different texts will be read in class. As well as discussing theme, character and literary technique, these works are also reviewed in the social and cultural contexts in which they were written. In addition, the students will learn how to write literary essays, and there will be considerable focus on past papers in order to facilitate a better understanding of the texts, to improve essay writing skills and of course, to best prepare the students for the examinations.

  • Exam board: Edexcel
  • Exam code: 9ET0
  • Exam as percentage of final grade: 80% (20% Non-Examined Assessment)
  • Course details
  • Studied texts:
    • Drama: Importance of Being Earnest
    • Prose: Frankenstein and Never Let Me Go
    • Poetry: Poems of the Decade anthology and Larkin
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