GCSE and A-Levels

GCSE and A-Levels

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Ealing Independent College offers a wide range of GCSE and A-Level courses, designed to help student gain entry to leading universities. Students can join the College at any stage during their schooling, and tailor-made programmes can be setup to enable academic goals to be realised. In addition to our two year GCSE and A-Level progression routes, students can also benefit from joining the intensive one year and retake courses at A-level or GCSE. We also offer an 18 month A-Level programme specifically designed for international students who are unable to join us for a September start. 

Click on the links below to read more about each programme and the subjects we offer.

Students aged 13 to 15 (Year 9 to 11) join the GCSE programme at the College. The programme provides excellent preparation for gaining an A-Level qualification, and is personalised for each student to suit individual strengths and interests.

Whilst the GCSE qualification is gained through the successful completion of Year 10 and 11, we do advise students to join in Year 9 for the Pre-GCSE year to prepare fully for their GCSE studies at the College. This is particularly advisable for international students who will also be able to work on their English language level and get used to their new life in London.

GCSE Subjects

Students can choose from a wide range of subjects, which ensures a good breadth of disciplines within the programme. Each student’s programme will consist of at least eight GCSE subjects. Mathematics and English are compulsory, and English Literature is offered from the start of Year 11. It is desirable that each student studies Mathematics, English Language and Literature, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, a modern foreign language and either History or Geography as the ‘subject core’ to qualify for the EBacc as specified by the DfE.

Click on the subject listings below for more information per subject. 

Art & Design Biology Chemistry English Language and Literature French Geography German History Mathematics Physics Spanish

Students aged 16 to 19 (Year 12 to 13) join the College for the internationally recognised A-Level qualification. The programme provides students with the necessary qualifications to gain access to top universities in the UK and abroad.

For international students who join us for the two year programme, a robust EFL programme will complement the subject learning to ensure students feel comfortable with the language and do not fall behind in their learning. We are also able to offer a pre‑sessional language course prior to starting the A-Level programme.

A-Level Courses: Subject Specialisation

Most students will choose three or four subjects at A-Level over two years that have been specifically chosen to ensure they gain access to their choice of university upon successful completion of the programme. The teachers and personal tutors work closely with the students to ensure they stay motivated and work hard throughout their A-Level programme to secure the grades they need to reach their academic goals. They will help explore internship and training schemes that will complement the student’s learning and strengthen their university application.

Click on the links below for subject overview and details. 

Art & Design Biology Business Studies Chemistry Computer Science Economics English Literature French Further Mathematics Geography German Government and Politics History Philosophy Physics Psychology Sociology Spanish

One Year Intensive GCSE

At Ealing Independent College, we excel at helping students who have underachieved in their GCSE courses secure the academic results they require to continue on to a successful A-Level qualification at the College. Students usually study five subjects on this demanding programme.

One Year Intensive A-Level

At Ealing Independent College, we have successfully been helping students who have underachieved on their A-Level courses gain the results they need. The high level of commitment expected means that we recommend that no more than two or three subjects should be taken simultaneously. Due to the recent A-Level reform the intensive year will encompass the two year curriculum, and it is therefore only suitable for those who have previously sat the exams and wish to enhance their grades to join this one year programme. Students must join in September for the intensive year. 

We encourage students who are interested in this option to contact us to discuss the programme further. 

This is an option for international students who are unable to commence the A-Level programme in September. These courses run from January and conclude in June of the following year.

The curriculum for the first year of A-Level will be studied between January and June in the first year, whilst the second year curriculum will run from September to June. Additional lessons are arranged in the first six months to ensure that students ‘catch up’ so they can join students in their last year of A-Level the following September.

International students interested in this programme should contact us to discuss this option. 

GCSE Retake

This programme is largely geared to students who have already covered the GCSE programme before and want to improve their grades. They can follow any number of GCSE subjects, but the majority choose five or six. Students are admitted onto these courses who have not followed the syllabus previously, but at interview, the workload is carefully considered together with the coursework implications. 

A-Level Retake

Students can join this one year intensive retakes programme to cover the two year A-Level curriculum. It is ideal for students who wish to retake subjects to ensure they gain entry to the university of their choice.

Please visit the One Year Intensive GCSE and A Level section to learn more about this option.  

Ealing Independent College accepts private candidates for GCSE, IGCSE and A-Level examination during the May-June exam period, from the following examination boards:

Please note we only accept external candidates for written papers - we cannot submit coursework or controlled assessment, even if marked at another centre. 


For students who wish to sit A-Level exams, we offer all written papers from Edexcel, AQA, OCR and WJEC, but we cannot accept coursework, even if it has been marked by another school.

Additionally, we are able to arrange Speaking exams for A-levels in French, German and Spanish. Candidates are free to prepare the topics of their choice for any speaking component, although guidance will be given by our tutor. 


We offer some GCSEs and most IGCSE exams for external candidates. Exams are offered in subjects where assessment is entirely through written exams - many GCSEs involve controlled assessment, which we cannot offer. If you have previously sat a GCSE you may be able to ‘carry forward’ the coursework mark (please check with the exam board to see if this is possible before applying). If you are sitting a GCSE for the first time please confirm it does not have any coursework before making an application. As many standard GCSEs do involve coursework many of our external candidates opt to take IGCSEs from Edexcel, which are an equivalent qualification but do not involve controlled assessment or coursework. Note: we do not currently offer IGCSEs from the Cambridge board.

For modern foreign languages we offer the Edexcel IGCSE in French, Spanish and German - there is an additional cost for these units as a speaking exam is involved. We do not offer GCSEs in modern languages from other exam boards, or in other languages.

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