Our Unique Approach

Our Unique Approach

At Ealing Independent College, we take great pride in the support we provide in helping our students reach their goals and fulfil their true potential.

As a small college we ensure a personalised learning experience combined with regular homework and tests, and close performance tracking against target grades. What makes our approach to learning and ensuring academic success so truly unique, is the way we inspire and motivate students to perform their very best.

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A personalised learning programme is developed around each student’s academic goals and ambitions. 

Learn more about the personalised learning journey at EIC in the video below.

Class sizes are kept small of approximate eight students, and range from two to twelve in each class.

Students are assigned personal tutors who will have daily meetings with them, monitor performance against set target grades, and provide invaluable university guidance and support. 

The passion and dedication our teachers have in helping students reach their academic goals is truly unique. Teachers genuinely want their students to do well and go above and beyond to support each student’s learning journey. 

As a small college we provide a friendly and intimate learning environment where all staff and students are on a first name basis, and students support and encourage each other’s efforts to achieve their academic goals. 

In between lessons students will attend supervised study periods where they do their homework, prepare for tests and revise what they have learned in lessons. 

We ensure that students always have sufficient work to do and their minds are firmly focused upon enhancing their learning. Students are tested approximately every two weeks in each subject.   

The College Card System helps monitor and track any disparity between measured and expected performance. The personal tutor will discuss work-rate, test marks and examination prospects with students to ensure they stay on track.   

View this video on the teacher and student marking and assessment partnership at the College:


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