Oscar joined the College with DDE grades from his former school, and achieved ABB grades at EIC after a one year intensive A-level course. He is now studying Biology at University of Manchester.


Arina from Russia, gained her desired A* in Mathematics, in addition to B’s in Economics and Further Mathematics in 2017, and is now doing a joint degree in Mathematics and Economics at Exeter University.


Ben had under performed at his previous school at A-Level. After his year at EIC he improved by 5 grades overall and is now studying Geography at Cardiff University.


Daniil joined the College from Russia for an A Level Intensive Year in preparation for further studies in the UK. Daniil achieved AABC in Mathematics, Russian, Chemistry and Physics. He is now reading Engineering at University of Manchester.


Haya joined the College for GCSE and A Level. She is an exceptional student and went on to achieve A*AA. Haya is now reading Medicine at St George's University.


Mohamed achieved A*A*AA on his exams in 2016 and went on to read Finance at LSE (A*s in Chemistry and Mathematics).


Genevieve joined Ealing Independent College in September 2010, to retake some units in Biology, Chemistry and History. She achieved ABB and went on to study Pharmacy at Reading University.


Nafisa excelled in the Sciences, achieving 4 A grades in Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology. She went on to read Biomedical Science at Imperial College London.


Amarveer left the College in the summer of 2012 having achieved A*AAA in Economics, English Literature, Geography and French at A-level with an A grade in AS Spanish.She spent her ‘gap year’ on a ‘fine arts’ course whilst also preparing for University.Amarveer went on to read Law at LSE.


Ali who joined the College for a two year A-level programme in September 2011 went on to read Physics at King’s College London having achieved A*A*A at A-level


Theresa joined the College for an intensive one year A-level course September 2013 and managed to improve her grades from BBC to AAA. She went on to read Physiotherapy at Nottingham University.


Sophie joined the College four years ago and completed her GCSE courses at the College. She continued with a two year A-level course and has achieved AAB. Sophie went on to study Psychology at Brunel University.


Soroush went on to study Mechanical Engineering at Bristol University having achieved A*AB over a two year A-level programme.


Akshay joined the College for the least year of A Level having completed Year 12 previously at another school. Akshay achieved ABB and went on to study Aerospace Engineering at Loughborough University.


Daniele finished her GCSE programme at the College two years ago and then joined the sixth form for A-levels over two years. She achieved AAB and went on to study International Politics and Intelligence Studies at Aberystwyth University.


Marwa achieved disappointing A-level grades at a former school and transferred to us for a one year intensive course. she improved her overall performance by 6 grades and went on to read Biomedical Sciences at King’s College London. Marwa achieved ABB in her A-levels.

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