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Key Statistics

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Top Performing West London College

Ealing Independent College produces excellent exam results and a strong student progress score year on year. In 2015 the College was announced as the best performing West London College in producing top grades, with 32% of A-Level students achieving AAB or higher in at least two facilitating subjects. Our results in 2016 highlighted the hard work our teachers put into helping students progress academically and improve their grades to reach academic goals, with the College being amongst the top 35 in the country in helping students improve their grades. 

Being particularly known for our strong Science Department, we are also delighted to announce that 44% of our Chemistry students gained A*/A on their A-Level exams in 2016, highlighting the excellent academic achievements of our students. 

Whilst our consistently strong results signifies the high percentage of our students being guaranteed access to the Russell Group universities (45%), we are also delighted that as many as 70% of our entire student body gained access to their first or second choice university last year. 

Scroll down the page to read more about the Government School League tables, and to view our excellent value added score/progress score and average point score per A-Level students. 

To view academic results from our 2015 and 2016 GCSE and A-Level high flyers, visit the Exam Results section. You can also read more about our latest results in 2016 here

Government School League Tables 2016

Understanding the Government School League Tables

Each year the Department of Education publishes the results of how schools across England perform at GCSE and A-Levels. You can view Ealing Independent College's performance summary here. It is important that students and parents understand that the criteria used to evaluate the results will dictate the outcome published to a certain degree. A good example of this is the exclusion of IGCSE in the published results; in 2014 IGCSE results were no longer included in the evaluated performance. This has meant that for many top schools across the country who have students taking the international equivalent of GCSE, the published results will not represent the entire student body performance. 

The published results is however a very helpful tool for families who are looking for the right College, and at Ealing Independent College we are proud of our strong position in the Government School League Tables as a top West London College that produces excellent results. 


2016 Results 

The 2016 Government School League Tables were published on 19 January 2016, and we are proud to be announced as being amongst the top in the country in helping students improve their grades and progress academically. 

Ealing Independent College is consistently strong on the Progress Score (formerly known as Value Added Score), which indicates the overall improvement of students' grades at the school. For the last three years, the College has achieved an average Progress Score of +0.37, at the very top amongst West London Colleges and placing the College as number 33 in the country to help students progress academically.  

At Ealing, we are very proud of our reputation as a College that helps students improve grades and reach their true potential, and the excellent Progress Score achieved is a testament to this. 



"I managed to get A* and A's in all my subjects in only 4 months at the College"

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"Ealing Independent College helped me achieve good results in my AS levels even though I came very late in the year, and this put me in a good stead to achieve excellent grade A-level results through the teachers' constituent support throughout the year."

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"What I like the most about Ealing Independent College is the fact that staff are always keen to answer any questions and easy to find, in addition to the productive study atmosphere. Following my time at the College I have now been able to receive an offer to study at my first choice university; UCL."

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