25 May 2022

Young Editors: Aavani and Noor

Young Editors: Aavani and Noor

The fifth edition of “EIC Distinct” Magazine is nearly ready to be released.  

Although both are very busy with their GCSE exams, Aavani and Noor, the Magazine Editors, have agreed to have an interview with us about the work they do to ensure that Ealing Independent College keeps publishing its own Magazine. 


Noor and Aavani, thank you so much for agreeing to have a conversation about the Magazine. 

First question is: would you please tell us for how long you have been at Ealing Independent College and what you like about being a student here?

A: I have been part of the College for 4 years. I can clearly see how this College supported me and helped me improve under so many aspects, especially my Education. 

N: I came in Y9. I love how all the students know each other so well at this College, as all the classes are small. This also allows a lot of activities to be student-lead, and everyone has a voice. 

I love how each of you enjoys a different aspect about being at EIC.

How did you become the main editors of the Magazine? How was this passion for Journalism born?

N: Last year a girl called Alex founded the magazine club. We simply joined the Reduction team and had the chance to collaborate with her on the successful editions that we published. Just before leaving the College, Alex chose Aavani and I to continue the job that she had started. 

A: Yes, this is exactly how we started, and we could not imagine that she would have chosen us- back then we were two Y10 girls - to take care of the College’s Magazine. Obviously there is a team of about 10 people that helps us with the articles; we all work on at least one piece each.

This is a good insight of how everything works “behind the Scenes”. Could you tell us more about the process that needs to happen to get a new edition of the Distinct ready?

N: It all starts when we ask students of all age groups if they are happy to write a piece or share artwork and other projects for the Magazine. We always explain that it does not matter whether the piece is big or small or what topic they pick. Every contribution is highly appreciated. 

A: We used to give people a “title” or a “topic”, but our guidelines are much more free now. We really want to highlight how even the nature of the article does not matter: it could be a written piece, it could be crosswords, it could be art, or anything else. We will give it space anyway. 

That’s great! And do you have a preparatory meeting where you share a list of articles that you “must” include in the next edition? 

N: Yes, we do have a meeting with Nemone, our French Teacher, who helps us with collecting creative ideas for the Magazine. 

A: We normally try to come up with ideas ourselves and share them in that meeting. 

I know that in the next Edition - sorry for the Spoiler - there will be an amazing game that consists of looking at a series of “baby photos”, which are old photos of current members of staff, and matching the right photo to the right teacher. I love this idea! How did you come up with it? 

N:The game was actually Aavani’s idea! We did something similar in the previous editions, where each teacher was matched to a celebrity. But we wanted to make it even more fun this time.

A: Yes, we definitely want people to play the game and match the photos with who they think they belong to; when they think they have the correct answer, they can come to us and we can help figure out whose picture is whose! 

I am very excited to play the game myself! So when should we be expecting the fifth edition of “EIC Distinct”? 

A: Mid June. We ideally would have liked to have a sixth edition as well this year, but we realised how tight it would have been to also think of a third edition in the same academic year.

N: I think we are definitely more prepared for next year now. We know how long it takes for everyone to get their article ready and we will probably start well in advance.

It sounds like you have everything under control. So, will we be so lucky to keep you both here after your GCSEs? 

N: Yes, I will be doing my A-Level course here. I would like to take Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology. 

A: I will also continue here in Sixth Form. I would love to study Politics, as I have always thought that would help to improve our community. But I still haven’t decided which other subjects I will be studying. 

I’m so glad you both decided to stay at Ealing Independent College in Sixth Form. Best of luck once again, and thank you for taking the time for this interview!

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