17 May 2022

Teacher Tuesday: Omar

Teacher Tuesday: Omar

Calling all Science Lovers. Spoiler: this article contains several fascinating details about our Science classes. 

Our Teacher Tuesday guest today is Omar, our Laboratory Technician, who significantly contributes to the success of our frequent science experiments. Having joined the College in August 2021, Omar has been an exceptional addition to the Science Team.

Not so long ago, Omar was a student himself: he graduated in 2013 with a degree in Biomedical Science, and then completed a Level 3 Laboratory technician apprenticeship. The diploma he achieved allowed him to work as Laboratory Technician in two independent schools before Ealing Independent College. 

But what attracted Omar to our College? Since the very first interview, Omar noticed how the atmosphere at EIC differed from the previous private schools he worked at. He was impressed by the relationship between teachers and students, especially by the fact that this is based on first-name terms. Additionally, it was out of the ordinary to see how students approach teachers at the end of lessons to ask for clarifications or extra help. 

Omar believes that this approach facilitates the transitioning from College to University: 

“In Uni, students often need to be able to approach their lecturer at the end of conferences and lectures, and Ealing Independent College is really preparing them to be confident enough to do so”. 

Additionally, behind the informal and supportive ambience that the College presents at first, Omar soon discovered how prominent the academic drive is of both teachers and students. This, in his case, shows in the amount of practicals that each class does, which, in Omar’s experience, is higher than any other independent schools he worked at.  

For those who are not aware of it yet, at Ealing Independent College all the Science teachers aim at arranging a practical per week with each class they teach. Consequently, every student undertakes three practicals every week (in Chemistry, Biology and Physics). 

Omar thoroughly enjoys preparing and setting up the practicals for the Science Departments. However, as he felt that he wanted to interact with students more, he also offered to lead for the College a “Dissection Club”, which was very well received by our students. Omar explains that his Club is extremely useful especially for those who want to start a career in Medicine, but also anyone who desires to access any Science based university course. The club takes place on a Tuesday once a fortnight, and so far the students have had the chance to dissect a kidney and a heart. Yet to come: an eye and a brain. 

But who is Omar, outside of his role at EIC? 

Omar is a new dad of a one year old boy, and at weekends he also becomes a staff member of his local gym. When he was younger, he was lucky enough to be exposed to an incredibly wide selection of sports: he practiced horse riding, ice skating, skateboarding, and table tennis. 

Interesting fact: even though he hasn’t officially played any table tennis matches recently, he found out that the skills he acquired as a child are still there, and even today he is a very good table tennis player! 

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