13 December 2021

Student Voice: Celebrating success

Student Voice: celebrating success

Year 12 student Theo was presented with his ‘Highly Commended’ award in the Whitbread Memorial Prize last week. 

Part of an elite group of 28 students selected from over 5,000 pupils which attend Independent Schools Association member schools and colleges, Theo’s name will also appear on the Roll of Honour for 2021.

The prize, which celebrates academic excellence in Year 11 exams, as well as outstanding contributions and service to the school and wider community.

We arranged a short interview session with the student who has made the College incredibly proud. 

This is what we learnt from our meeting with Theo:

What do you think were the reasons why you were nominated for the Prize at the end of last year?

I think my results and the change in my attitude to learning over the past year are what really made me stand out and led to me being nominated for the Prize. 

Our Principal, Allan, submitted my name and wrote a paragraph detailing my achievements to the Independent Schools Association.

How do you think your behaviour and attitude in the College impressed your teachers? 

It was probably my drastic improvement over the past few years. In my previous school my attendance was really low, I only went to school about 30% of the time, I was not making any progress, nor did I enjoy learning; however, since joining EIC, my attitude towards learning has completely turned around.

What did EIC do to support you?

It’s all about the small class sizes and a more personal relationship with the teachers. At EIC a teacher is not just a teacher, but a person to talk to as well. I feel like I get a lot more personal advice alongside my education. 

I’m glad to hear that you can recognize how much you have changed and be proud of it. 

Were you expecting to win the Prize? Did you think it was possible amongst so many competitors?

No, I did not expect it at all, and I couldn’t believe it when Allan came to tell me!

What did your friends and family think about this great achievement of yours?

My friends and family congratulated me of course. I think my family especially were so proud of my progress and so even quite surprised I won the Prize. 

Thanks Theo. One last question: based on your experience at EIC and based on your latest achievements, what tips would you give to other students in order for them to also have such a positive attitude towards learning?

I would encourage them to think about their future and ask themselves if they are showing the right attitude to be successful. If the answer is no, they need to adjust their outlook and potentially their behaviour. I have changed mine and I think any student can. 

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