12 June 2020

Student Voice: The power of the EIC community during the period of remote learning

Student Voice: The power of the EIC community during the period of remote learning

My name is Riten, and I am a Year 12 A-Level student studying Science (Biology and Chemistry) and Maths subjects at Ealing Independent College, with the aim to pursue a career in Medicine. 

It was 12th March 2020 when I had taken a special leave from the College to join my parents who have been stranded in India and since then I have been away from home studying and taking online classes whilst based in India in this most unusual and challenging circumstances.

As the world is fighting against the COVID-19 outbreak, more than 190 countries have now closed schools nationwide, impacting nearly 90% of students globally. This is unprecedented; the world has never seen these many children out of school at the same time.

In a situation like this it is normal to feel sad, worried, confused, scared or angry. Learn how students in the affected countries keep learning and stay positive in times of uncertainty. 

The College (EIC) has been very supportive in this difficult time. I am very glad and fortunate to be a part of EIC because the online learning that they have provided has been very successful, more than I would ever have hoped for or envisaged given the logistical hurdles and barriers of turning the College into an online school in a matter of days.

I have arranged a schedule that suits me so that I can study at home, with the help of online assignments. My teachers are extremely efficient and give us materials that are right, plus the information is communicated in a smooth and simple way. Everything is available online and everyone remains determined.

I became responsible for my own learning, because there’s no one really to advise me. Everything is available online and we must be responsible for our learning to create something out of nothing.

These programmes encourage one to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.

An online learning plan covers the teaching strategies, communication rules, devices, solutions, and policies supporting online or blended learning in the school community. Keep the plan as simple as possible, but make the expectations clear for learners as to how to learn online.

A continuity of learning plan or education continuity plan for emergency learning and teaching is slightly different. It is focused on the transitions of students from one type of learning to another as their learning context rapidly changes. Continuity of learning plans do not only involve the technologies the school will use to continue teaching, but also considers how the students will return to campus after the emergency ends.

Effective online teaching is not the same as face-to-face (F2F). It is not a matter of whether it is equal. It requires different activities, some which are better done online. However, learners become disadvantaged if they are not provided with certain resources for learning independently and online;

It is easier to authenticate student work online than most people think. However, it requires some changes to how assignments are presented and submitted for review. It also requires teachers to monitor students’ online activity more closely than in normal classroom situations.

Here are 7 tips that will help us prepare for going back to college.

1.      Have a clear goal.

2.      Prep your schedule.

3.      Get your finances in order.

4.      Leverage your life experience.

5.      Make connections.

6.      Set realistic expectations.

7.      Have a positive attitude.

I have been working very hard towards my education with the aim to become a quality doctor in UK, My father works on a ship and sails away for many months so that I get a good education and fulfil my dream. 


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