06 December 2022

Scholarship Competition 2023: Tips from our Previous Winner

Scholarship Competition 2023: Tips from our Previous Winner

Ealing Independent College is excited to announce that the applications for the Scholarship Competition 2023 are now open, and can be submitted here.

Similarly to our last year’s event, the Competition is aimed at rewarding a fully funded placement to the winner, who will be able to attend either a GCSE or A Level Course starting in September 2023. 

On Tuesday 10th January 2023 (time to be confirmed), all the contestants will visit the College, attend an introductory speech about us, and sit an ability test. 

Therefore, we thought it might be extremely useful to get some tips from our Sixth Form student who won the Scholarship Competition last year, Hdayet, who now attends our Y12 lessons. 

Hdayet told us that he did not do any revision for the test last year, as he was told the test mainly challenged the student’s reasoning and logical skills, as well as grammar and reading skills. 

Here are some of the tremendously useful tips that Hdayet shared:

  • Read the question carefully, and twice. Make sure you understand what you are being asked to do. Also, read the question until the end of it! It is a common mistake to rush through each task.
  • You will have multiple choices in front of you; a good technique would be to try to match every answer to the question and see how it works. Consider every possible answer and go with the one that answers fully or the best counter argument, depending on the question. 
  • Don’t panic. You actually have time to read all your questions, and even to check everything once again at the end. However, if you are unsure of a question, don’t spend too long on it. Leave it at the end, so that you will know how much time you will have left to think. 

Hdayet is extremely grateful for the chance that was given to him through the Scholarship Competition last year, as this has allowed him to leave his previous larger mainstream school, to come and join our small class sizes, where the teaching is tailored to his learning style:

Ealing Independent College is a truly unique environment, and I could tell straight away when I came the first time to join the Scholarship Competition. 

Here I can be an independent learner, but also get the close support of the teachers when I need it, and I am not afraid to ask them. 

If you are interested in joining the competition, or have any questions about the College, or would like to arrange a visit, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Laura, Admissions and Marketing Coordinator at EIC: 

Good luck to all the new participants! 

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    Scholarship Competition 2023: Tips from our Previous Winner

    Ealing Independent College is excited to announce that the applications for the Scholarship Competition 2023 are now open, and can be submitted here.

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