21 December 2020

Recognising Achievements: Rewards assembly recap

Recognising Achievements: Rewards assembly recap

The academic year of 2020-2021 has been a demanding one thus far - with the enforcement of Covid-19 restrictions following the fall out from a catastrophic exams process in the summer and an uncertain approach to the upcoming examination period. Staff and students at the College have remained steadfastly resolute in working towards their goals. Some year 9 and 10 students are working towards completing their optional subject GCSEs this year, whilst the year 11 students are striving to achieve the best they can. Our year 12 cohort have made a positive start to their A Level studies, whilst the year 13s are currently embarking on the final push towards university entry. Most of the applications are now complete, and the offers which they receive should inspire them to strain every sinew in order to meet their requirements.

Besides this year being one of imposed restrictions and changes, the College has undergone somewhat of a transformation itself. New Principal Allan Cairns, along with Laura Bellerby as Vice Principal, have inspired staff to embrace the College priorities of empowering students to lead their own learning, of providing opportunities for them to gain the edge in making successful university applications and in encouraging staff to wider their professional expertise. The result this term has been a College with a profound sense of direction. Staff and students alike are keen and motivated to get the very best from themselves.

The College has placed more emphasis on student wellbeing, and, as such, a decision was made to radically overhaul the awards given to students at the end of term. Though an academic focus remains, we understand that not every student can get the highest grades. They can, however, be motivated to go above and beyond perceived limitations - and the College places the foremost importance beyond academic ability - on student effort, on dedication to the ethos of the College, and on contributing to making the lives of their fellow students and community members better.

Termly awards are now given for the following displays of excellent student conduct:

Best performance - Awarded to the student with the most impressive examination scores

Best performance against targets - Awarded to the student who has met or exceeded most target grades

Excellence across the term - Awarded to the student who has enjoyed a consistently high standard of effort throughout the term, determined by cumulative Months Marks effort grades

Improvement across the term - Awarded to the student who has demonstrated the clearest progression over the term

Dedication to the College ethos - Awarded to the student who displayed outstanding levels of commitment to attendance, punctuality, classwork, completion of homework, engagement in lessons and showing initiative

Wider contribution to College life - Awarded to the student who has given time above and beyond that expected outside of the classroom to improve the student experience at the College.

A full list of winners can be found below:



Years 9 and 10

Year 11

Year 12

Year 13

Best overall performance






Best performance against targets






Excellence across the term





Improvement across the term





Dedication to the College ethos





Wider contribution to College life








Follow @ealing_college to find out more about what our students did to be nominated for these especially excellent achievements this term. 

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